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Guest Nazgraul

Adriano Flores' backstory.

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Guest Nazgraul

This shall be the background for my character, whose name consists of the first name Adriano, fitting together with the surname, Flores.

Edit: Excuse any informalities as I was tired upon the making of this. I shall touch it up shortly.

Adriano was of common birth, born and raised in the coastal city of Barcelona, Spain. The city, well known for it's extravagant beach-line, as well as being the second largest city, second only to Madrid. Having been living in the Sant Martí district of the city, Adriano had tended to get in with the wrong sorts of people. Committing petty crimes, Adriano very rarely got caught. However, no punishment had seemed too severe to him. Therefore, upon that jurisdiction, he had decided to continue on a fluctuating stream of his rampant crime-streak over the course of several years.

Upon gaining a slight upper hand to most other petty criminals, Adriano was offered a contract by a localized group of mischievous individuals, which in the document went along as like the following:

'We have understood the knowledge we have acquired of you. By our jurisdiction, we deem it necessary to offer you a small errand, of which offers a large bounty. The deal is, we plan on acquiring a range of vehicles from a sea-bound freight carrier. In return for your actions, we offer a tenth of the profit to you.'

Being of derelict skills due to not having committed a large amount of incriminations recently, he had accepted the generous offer. Upon the night of the planned robbery, the crew of eight men had slinked through to their destination in the cover of the nightfall. Upon reaching the large port, they casually stepped along, no suspicions being aroused. Upon selecting a ship storing a hefty amount of high-value land vehicles, they worked upon opening the gateway for the cars to drive onto land.

Halfway through the procedure, the Policía had been contacted by an anonymous onlooker. Upon hearing the enforcers of the law come upon them, they each sprinted into several different directions. Adriano and his partner in crime had fled to a large fishing vessel and concealed themselves in the hollow hull, where the men may sleep while on a long fishing trip. Having decided to wait a few hours until disregarding the hiding place, they had quickly fallen unconscious due to the gentle rocking of the waves.

Upon arising to the morn, the duo had found the ship to be in motion. Having now been able to be considered stowaways, they had decided to wait out the trip, which they knew may last for weeks on end. In the middle of their passage through the watery ocean, there came a large storm-front on the horizon. According to the nautical instruments, they were several french leagues away from the mainland of Russia, which is in northern Eurasia, to starboard of the mainland.

The storm worried the crew-members, as the stowaway duo had learnt through eavesdropping. Having been holed up in the hidden confines of the rarely-frequented parts of the ship for a time that had been lost track of, the duo had not expected the jolt of the vicious waves upon the port and starboard flanks of the ship, reminiscent to the striking of thunder. It continued on this way for awhile, the ship crew vigorously fighting against the unrelenting, swelling sea. With a sudden tremendous and inescapable force, the sea had slammed the sea-craft from the starboard side, pushing it easily within view to the mainland.

The sheer force of the wave had caused the boat to capsize. From the jolt, Adriano had knocked himself unconscious on a nearby metal panel. When Adriano Flores came to, he found himself floating next to a gigantic wreck of the vessel he was on. How his unconscious body had escaped that incident, he had not a clue of. Upon venturing to the shoreline, Adriano found the lifeless corpse of his companion, drowned and waterlogged. Looking around himself, Adriano had guess that he had landed upon a coast made of Russian soil. Suddenly, a recollection of memories came back to him. Adriano's seventeenth birthday was a mere month ago. Unlucky, it may be deemed, to have such a celebratory event mere weeks away that may never happen again.

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