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Rogério SkyLab

New Banners

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I'm suggesting that we have a new banner gathering for the forums. You know right? Those on the top, next to the website's title? Yeah. Most of them are from >0.60 and from the ArmA 2 Mod & Desolation Mod.

As much as my nostalgia doesn't want me to say this, it would be great if we had new images from the 0.60 and 0.61 added. (Yes, I know we have some, but let's have more)

I have plenty of these to give and share if needed, but it would be nice to update it to show the present times of DayZ and the actual RP we have here.

Unless it's going to be a pain in the ass to do it with the new website. In that case, just delete the topic and pretend it never happened.

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It's more a matter of getting people to provide them largely, since that thread rarely gets used. Or doesn't get used enough.

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13 minutes ago, Rogério SkyLab said:

I thought that was closed already, or that they weren't accepting new submissions.

To my knowledge, still there. Rolle was thinking there would be new dimensions for the new site but it ended up being the same afaik. 

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