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Random pictures from DayZ

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I got really bored and figured why not make a media thread of the pictures I've taken in DayZ. Hope you enjoy :) 


First one is of @Mexi and @Sofie, when Tim proposed to Sonja. Bringing back all the feels. #RIPSonja


Don't remember who I was with, but thought the scenery looked good, so I took a picture.


Maybe my favorite photo was when me and @Cloudy did the titanic scene in Grishino. It was a beautiful moment.


I took this one on the night that basically the entire server was hunting down The Horsemen. My battle buddy @Undead took aim to look at some people I spotted. Battle buddies for life. Lmao


This zombie just had to die in a sexy way. 

I will be updating with more pictures as soon as I take some that I actually think look good. Let me know what you think!

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RIP. Nice screenshots!

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Thanks! :) 

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