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*He closes the door behind him and sits down on a chair, placing his SKS by his side and dusting off the radio. He pushes the PTT*

Hello friends and people of Chernarus!

It's me Kibuka, wishing everybody well I am here to inform you that the encampment next to Green Mountain seems to have been abandoned, I do not know why, maybe it's because of the inconsistency of the people who used to run it but that is just a guess. I am pleased to inform you that it is under new jurisdiction.

It is now controlled by "The New Mogawimbe Presidential Party" we are a small group who aim to run this place better than the previous owners, that includes having the bar open 99 percent of the time! We are looking for traders and residents to come here, even if only temporary, the more the better. We have small cabins to rent and plenty of drink to go around. Come down to our little encampment everybody is welcome nobody shall be turned away. However there is rules but don't worry they're good ones!

*He chuckles to himself*

Rule number one: you must be respectful to each and every person there, if you have a disagreement take it outside of the camp. Number two: weapons are allowed however we would appreciate it if you holstered them. Number 3: no stealing or shooting up the place, this is bad and we don't need it.

Currently the bar is being run by "Cooper" he is a good man and he sells good drinks, if you wish to rent a cabin please speak directly to me, if you wish to be employed speak to Babajide. That is all people, good luck, don't get shot, don't get eaten and enjoy.

*He releases the PTT and sits there for a moment*

*He pushes the PTT again*

Also if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

*He releases the PTT again, picks up his rifle and leaves the room*


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*Ryan takes his radio and pushes down the PTT*

I'm assuming I already have the job as bartender Kibuka, I will head over soon to assist you running the place

*he releases the PTT*

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*Jason grabs his radio from his belt as he is balancing on a log and holds down the PTT button*

"I just remembered that I left my favorite pair of pants behind the bar there.....god I hope they are still there"

*He lets go of the PTT to regain his balance and presses it down again*

"All things aside I should be coming back down from Lopatino on a liquor run so we should be well stocked when I get there. Over and out Captain Kibuka"

*The sound of something crashing to the ground can be heard as the radio beeps once and goes silent*

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28 minutes ago, ThatRyanGuy said:


*A gruff northern voice responds. His words are slurred and slow*

"Ryan *Hiccup*. If you want to head down and teach me how to pour drinkssss... I'm so sorry to disappoint but I've got that on lock."

"However... *He giggles* teaching me how to not *hiccup*, how can I put this? How to not... like, drink your own drink- *his voice becomes high pitched* then pleeasssse. Be my honoruedd.... honouroood..... *hiccup* that word guest!"

*The PTT is pressed multiple times before being released, finally*

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4 minutes ago, Sam Fields said:


*Ryan chuckles and pushes down the PTT*

I'll drink you under the table easily Cooper, how do you think I deal with the absolute shit-show which is my life 

*he chuckles*

I'll be at the bar tomorrow my friend, we need to catch up

*he releases the PTT*

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Just now, ThatRyanGuy said:


*He miraculously finds the PTT again."

"Hell yeahhh! I'll drink to that... whatever that is..."

*The chink of glass, a hollow thud and radio silence.*

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*Pepa hears the transmission buzzing through his radio and picks it from the table beside him.*

-Pushes the PTT button-


Ano, I think I remember your voice.

We were there earlier and one of your men was rudely trying to trade some sunglasses.

He should really work on his selling technique.

[Small pause]

It's quite a shame to hear the trading company has moved on, they didn't seem that bad.

Not that I'm saying you won't make a dobré job of it yourself.

Just first impression was not what I expected.

[Small pause]

However we might stop by there again at some point.

Hopefully this time things will go better.

Good luck with your endeavor friend.

You will most likely need it.

-Lets go of the PTT button-

*Pepa puts the radio back on the table and continues to read his book.*

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*He looks at his foot , moving it slightly with a smile on his face as he feels almost no pain , he holds the PTT button*

''Oh... they moved? Okay I didn't know that... shame''

*He pauses for a second*

''Will check out this New Mogawimbe later today''

*He releases the PTT button*

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