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every question right?

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Yes //Sofie to quick!

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Yes, you have to get every question right.

When you need help with understanding the question don't hesitate to come in Teamspeak and join the channel "Waiting for Staff Help".

You also have to write a back story for a character.

Greetings, Lyca

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Yes, you do. Try your best and reread all of them to get them correct if you need any help just go to the following but just to note the people of the community can't help you with the questions for example tell you the answers but can help you and talk to you a bit how to get the right answer and what you should do to see if you think you have the right answer. 

  • Ask Staff In TS
  • Re-Read all the Questions 
  • Ask yourself does it make 100% sense 
  • Imply the question to in keep sense for example: Can you KOS? Try and see if that it would make sense while in the game and roleplaying with people to do this.

Also, some people ask about the passphrase now I know that you haven't asked about it but I will give you some tips here so you don't have to put up another thread asking about it. So when it comes to finding the hidden passphrase is will become so hard for people that they give up and ask for people to help but of course, we can't help you to find it is different for everyone and here are some tips that you might want to follow. 

  • Read Out loud 
  • Take breaks 
  • Eat some food and drink some water 

All of these things help you out a lot when coming to finding the passphrase and it will reboot you when trying to find it. So if this helped you in any way and answer your question please hit it by my name thank you. 


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Yes you do, make sure to take your time since you only get 5 chances. Don't be afraid to hop in teamspeak and ask for help from staff! They won't be able to tell you the correct answer but they will be able to help you out.

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Hello again @emilonfire

Yes. You do. It's a simple as that. You must get 100% of the questions right.

I will be solving this now. I feel you have the correct answers.

Good luck on your whitelist. 

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