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Graphic artist??

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Anyone here a graphic artist willing to make me a signature or a profile picture? I went to the original artist thread and its outdated or broken.

Or maybe Im just dumb.. Could be all 3.

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Mega thread home boi

Edit: Fuck. The thread has been wiped clean. I am a graphic artist.. sort of. What did you want? Send me the image,etc

Edited by Vapor

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Looks like the thread has been wiped. However some guys/girls here are very talented and will be willing to make you one.

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The mega thread has been shut down for maintenance as it contained dead links in the old website format that don't work on the new website but to name a few artists 

@Vapor is really good. @Phoenix is aswell although i think shes taking a break from the community for now, and @Clumsy If shes around is a great artist aswell.


I think vapor is the only one around right now

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Just now, APureGamer. said:

I already got someone making me them. Can close the question :D

You can actually solve it yourself by choosing a question and clicking a check mark

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