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As you stumble upon my corpse

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As you run through the wastelands of Chernarus with your allies, you see the corpse of a man wearing a jacket and ushanka, yet you are used to the stench of the dead. A quick check on his wallet gives him the identity of "Ivan Haček". You don't know this man, but many of your friends do. They called him an strange man following a bizarre religion when he was living, with some skills in the arts, both visual and of literature. From the amount of decay this man has endured, it seems that he has been dead for a few months. With zombies lurking about, you hesitantly and unceremoniously bury his body. You take his loot, but leave him with his fire axe which has the writings "Vrah", in Cyrillic, carved onto it. And there you lay his dead body... yet... could it really arise from the dead?

As you may have known, I have been inactive for a few months. I used to regard the DayZRP as my favorite community. But the community changed... and with the departure of Major, it almost seemed as I had little left for DayZRP. Maybe I shouldn't have stuck to NCR so much, but this is too late. I've lost interest in playing ARMA II in itself, and instead have been doing other things (not necessarily IRL either). I really loved the DayZRP community, I really do! I still remember worshipping Almighty Rolle, Conquerer of Almighty Rolle, Lord of DayZRP, Conqueror of Chernarus, calling Luna "Drunk Moon Pony (DMP)", and having Vasily Malyy as my Eternal Rival, so don't think that I left because I didn't like the community! I did, though, feel like later and later the community grew tired of my insane antics... but I feel wrong to say that the community hated me as time goes by. I also feel as if I'm just being an attention whore seeking for more attention. But... there is still hope. I might return in the future, so don't expect I'll be gone forever!

Love, Raptor-177, "The Indonesian Hedgehog"

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Good luck in whatever you'll do Raptor!

Hope to see you again soon :)

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