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To Amber {Jelly} Laurencin pvt freq

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*Borat takes a drag from his cigarette whilst chilling  with his brother Liam, suddenly over the radio they were told this women disrespected one of their friends and called him a pup and did all sorts of things with him.( apart of the group coyotes)

They both burst out laughing ( Borat , Liam )

After Borat regains his breath after almost dying from laughter*

*Borat then takes out his radio and pushes the ptt*

"To this mysterious women , I'm glad you had fun with one of our boys but just know it's time for Liam and I to have our fun. I am running low on Muti so maybe some of your fingers can help. Ohh before I forget  I have a present for you umm i think youll like it , its a pink teddy bear and maybe i'll write your name in blood on the teddy bear after we meet up, then it will be yours forever."

(hear Liam in the background , can't wait to see you *creep but hysterical voice*) 

*Borat releases ptt and they go back to bantering to each other.*

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