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To Anyone Receiving This (Open)

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*Ryan stands on top of a tall radio mast overlooking the once local news station*

*The wind is strong at this height and it feels uplifting flowing through his hair and across his face*

*Reaching into his shirt pocket he grabs his radio and presses the button on the side*

To any and all English speaking people, I made my way here from Novigrad. It has taken me years to reach this place, if there is any resemblance of the military or evacuation teams left here I need your help. I need to find me wife and daughter, they came through here from Novigrad during the evacuations and I want to know where they went. 

Anyone with papers or history of where the evacuations went, please respond. I will remain on this channel until my battery dies. Please, I need your help.

*Ryan holds the button a few seconds after finishing talking and then lowers his radio* 

*The strong wind can be heard over the speaker*

*Standing ontop of the radio tower he takes in the sunrise and leans on the railing and stairs into the lands*

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*Doctor West hears the broadcast while washing dishes and cups at the well in Pulkovo. He dries his hands off with a clean hand towel before sifting through his backpack for his folder. Flipping back through his notes, he pauses on a page from several years ago. As he taps his finger on the page, he picks up his radio to transmit*

Ah yes mister ummm, whoever you are. Perhaps I could be of some assistance to you. My name is Doctor West, I was in Zelenogorsk hospital when the call to evacuate came in. It was a rather panicked time and I can't speak with absolute certainty regarding the accuracy of my notes, but I was escorted by an armed United Nations security team and I overheard a great deal about the deteriorating situation in the region as well as the evacuation and quarantine plans. If you have need of this information, I can try to accommodate you in the coming days to share with you what I know.

...However, I would caution you about finding your... loved ones. When was the last time you saw them? The likelihood that they contain and immunity to the infection is quite low, and the statistical probability that they followed the same evacuation procedure as the others and still managed to survive is.... well... it's even lower. Are you sure you wish to place yourself in further danger by seeking this information? There will be not only many infected roaming the areas this information will lead you through, but also violent gangs who won't smile upon your trespassing on their gang turf. Please consider this course of action carefully and let me know how you'd like to proceed.

*As he clips the radio to his backpack, Doctor West begins to mark certain pages of his notes containing relevant details*

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*The warm paved road weaves and twists ahead of Ryan as his radio crackles to life catching him off guard*

*He fumbles and drops his bottle of water spilling it onto the road as he reaches for his handset*

Hello! I didn't expect to hear from anyone! The names Ryan... If you knew the things I had to do to get this far, you wouldn't think twice about me going further ahead.

*There is a gentle breeze and the sound of birds quietly chirping in the distance as Ryan pauses with the head set still open*

I will do whatever it takes, I know that... I know that they may not be alive. I just need to know what has happened to them, even if they are dead I need to know that. I have heard from a few people in my trip here that the evacuations didn't go well, but if there is an off chance they made it I need to find them. I need closure, I need the peace that comes with it. Any information you might have please share with me.

*Ryan lowers the handset and closes his eyes. The water on the ground has evaporated and the bottle blow across the field by the breeze*

*Looking foward he smiles slightly at the thought of his family and tucks the radio into his pocket* 

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