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To Whom It May Concern (Open Freq)

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*Braxton packs his things in his back pack and then grabs his radio and presses the PTT*

This is a message to whomever it may concern out there... I, Braxton Knight, am going to be leaving the country in search of some people... Those who I am leaving behind I am sorry... My family those have became and I hope you all stay safe... This is something I must do though and I hope you all understand... I'll make radio contact when I am coming back... If I come back... Well I got to get going before I get emotional... Goodbye...

*Braxton releases the PTT as he throws his backpack over his shoulder*

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*Woods would spin his walking stick around , then take a seat and pull out his radio holding down the PTT button*

''I know we had our differences.. , but stay safe alright?''

*He'd pause*

''Would be a big shame... if you didn't come back.''

*He releases the PTT button*

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*Sitting in his house Matt picks up his radio*

"Braxton, stay safe man if you need anything just send me a message on the radio I will respond."

*There would be a brief pause then he quietly speaks"

"Stay safe brother, I'll miss you."

*He turns off his radio and gets up off his chair, he looks over towards Alex and smiles "Got another cigarette?"*

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*Charlie walks out the warehouse, with a beer in hand, squinting at the sunlight. He takes a sip then takes out his radio and holds down the PTT* 

Wait up homie, I'm headin'  with with you.

Already on my way.

*He releases the PTT and heads out to catch up with Braxton* 

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Henry holds down the PTT.

"Wait for me, Charlie! ...even though I've shot you a couple times."

He releases the PTT and throws his radio at Mack's forehead one last time, knocking Mack unconscious. He walks up to Mack and lays a kiss on his forehead, before walking out the door.

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