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Supply Drop [Open Frequency]

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*Max quickly climbs up the ladder of the building and takes out his radio, he then holds down the PTT button while he starts to unpack the bag*

Hello, again. This is Max Eld, and I'm leaving my third supply drop, or stash, whatever you call it. If you listened to my last broadcast you will know how this works. If not, let me explain.

*A few seconds of noise heard from his backpack interrupts, but after he continues*

I'll keep it short this time. It's simple, I'll give you a location where I have dropped off some supplies that may help you, and that's pretty much it. This one is pretty good for all you doctors out there, I hope. I had some luck and managed to find this completely untouched hospital last week in the middle of nowhere, so I packed some of the medical supplies I found assuming that nobody was going to notice, probably because they were all dead - or something like that at least.

*Yet again the noise of him unpacking the supplies with his free hand would be heard*

Now that you've got a bit of an idea: The first supply drop of the week is located ontop of the Altar Radio Station, up on top of the roof. This time your supplies are stored inside of a yellow bag of some sort, it's not that large but it is impossible to miss up on that small roof. I think that's what the place is called. There are huge antennas around the area and it's somewhere inbetween Novy Sobor and Gorka, so if you don't know the exact locaiton just keep your eyes out. As I mentioned, the stash will contain medical supplies, and with that I mean morphine, epi-pens and such. I hope whoever finds it will have good use of it. 

*He finishes up unpacking*

Good luck!

*The boy would put down the Yellow Waterproof Bag and release the PTT button before starting to head out to drop off his next stash*

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*Max takes a breath after the run and tunes back into the frequency* 


*He sounds exhausted after the run*

I saw th-.. that someone found the stash. Congratulations to you, but uh, I heard a lot of gunshots so I bailed..

*Slowly, he starts to recover his breath*

I hope you will have good use of it.. And uh, hopefully you didn't get shot!

*He sits back as he hears someone outside and decides to open the door*

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