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Arma 3 - Any tips for better performance?

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So, I bought myself Arma 3, hoping my PC could run it no problemos. My PC runs Standalone 40FPS, (60FPS sometimes) without any problems, except the game's own glitches and lags.


So, the thing with Arma 3 is, I get those everlasting long loading screens, whenever I try to join either a online server, or campaign mission. And basically I'd just like to ask for any tips or to-do things, to improve my performance, not just FPS, but the whole thing, because, when it loads into game, it does not lag that bad, I get 35-40 FPS, but it stutters from time to time.




i5-4200 CPU @ 2.5GHz (4CPUs)

4096MB RAM

AMD Radeon HD 8500M Series

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hello there @FUNERAL

Since Arma 3 is a rather CPU intensive game, it looks like that is what your drawback is.
When it comes to Arma 3 you can't expect much in terms of performance as its a poorly optimised game on its own.

unfortunately there isn't many ways that you can try and improve your fps. There is always lowering settings and setting a lower render/resolution.

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