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Those cold winter months (Old Family/Inmates Frequency)

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*Stitches methodically drags his cleaver back and forth across the heavy wooden desk listening to the raking sounds as it carves through the wood lightly and grips his damaged blood stained radio and presses the PTT*

"Ahoj my former brothers and sisters... I doubt any of you remember me. I was one of fathers first to be taken into the warm embrace of the flock... Some of you may only know of the our family as "The Inmates" and the first to be abandoned. I was not there for the 'maker' Nor the one that claimed to be a king. Ne. I came before... Though there are brothers and sisters I suppose that may be still alive from my tenure. My time with you in those cold winters months in the dense forests near Gorka. When we first opened the heavy wooden doors into the chapel on Novy I remember. One of the few things I remember. Though I know many of you died and witnessed or performed many of the killings. I know of the tragedy that befell you all that resulted in the scatter. I do not know of one thing. Where is father? I ask for closure, Maybe I shall track him for one last chat if he is alive of course. I wish to know if he or any of my brothers and sisters survived. I know the ones who came after likely did not hear of me as I am aware only that the true family who served under Father may remember who I was. As well as the relations the ones who remember me may be strained given the nature of my departure."

*Stitches raises the blade above his head and slams it  firmly into the wood and lets the blade bury itself deep into the desk before pressing back on the button*

"Aye... I know that even if you dont hate me and you remember me you may be scared I will set you up and do to you what I did to that poor fuck at Zub... I assure you this is not the case. I wish simply for closure. Its been damned years and I have not heard the faintest word about what happened to my brothers and sisters or Father. Ive been told you are alive in hiding. All dead... All you killed each other. That father is dead or still around... I cant bloody tell what or who to believe. What I do believe is that the flock regardless of how many of us still remain are doomed and marked to a life where what we did will rake down the walls of our skulls like some damned infernal orchestra of fucking regret and the only silence to it is the end.  There will never be a flock again given all the splintering and hatred that grows amongst our kinds. Though from what I have heard others of our flock have done as I... Walking a dead end path in hopes of redemption or forgiveness or some such... Id like to think Father would approve... If anyone on this frequency was once in our flock... Or even has information on Father... Benjamin Green... Please tell me."

*A muffled shout from a man with a gravly voice asking for 'more maggots' in a frantic tone can be heard in the background and the tone and accent in the broadcasters voice completely shift to a cheery toned English accent*

"Coming Mister Holiday I am! Dont worry Ill be right there I will!"

*The transmission abruptly ends and Static fills the airwaves*

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*Felix hears a voice and instantly dives into a nearby doorway to take cover. The heat of anxiety in his heart begins to ebb as his heart rate decreases. He had realised that it was his radio that had spoken to him. However a new wave of child-like anxiety over takes him as he recognises the voice and contemplates how to reply.*

"Stop being such a baby Felix." Angel waits to gauge Felix's reaction to this statement. His expression remains the same. "Oh give it here for fuck's sake." She says as she snatches the radio from him.

*Angel presses down the PTT*

"Hello stitches, it's Felix and Angel. We have so much to explain to you, so much was left unsaid. We love you, we still love you all. You must find us soon, we have words for you but they must be shared in breath. I cannot trust that we are not being listened to."

*She releases the PTT and a short burst of static is heard before silence.*

Felix picks up his teddy bear and kisses it before he puts it back into his bag and says, "Thank you Angel, I can always trust that you will have words when I do not." He opens the door and steps outside.

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