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A Time For Change [Open Frequency]

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*Miller holds Izaak's blood covered sword in one hand and his radio in the other, more disturbed and shaken then he had ever been. He presses the PTT*

It's been a long time since I really had no idea what to do...

*He swallows hard, holding back both rage and despair*

Izaak Sirko, leader of New Moon, and the closest friend I've ever had...is dead.

*He grips the radio tightly, trying to keep his composure*

The details of his death aren't important, but I just wanted everyone to know that we're still here. Some of us have decided to move on, but giving up and abandoning each other goes against everything that we've stood for. We will move forward, and while things definitely won't be the same from this point on, we'll embrace it. If anyone needs to contact us, we're still at the plantation.

*He drops the radio and falls to his knees, staring blankly and contemplating what the coming days will bring*

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*Marquis turns on the radio*

ima still ride for y'all niggas, pour one out for izaak...

*Marquis takes his spite cocktail and tilts it*

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*Brad hears Millers voice and presses down the PTT sounding in a bad way*

Miller is that you *He coughs* it sucks about izaak man cant believe it *He coughs again* . I didnt think he would Die before me ya know me being me and all

*HE pauses and sperts into a coughing fit*

Do new moon justice Miller and dont worry about me im going to see a doctor then get the fuck outta this place for a while ... see you around
and do Izaak proud

*He stops and you hear him vomit and then the radio cuts off*

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*Boris hears a familiar voice on the radio and begins to panic as the details enter his mind. He pushes the PTT and you hear his Chernarussian accent*

Will there be a funeral? I think I may have to set time aside and pay my respects.

*Boris releases the PTT and lays the radio aside, awaiting a response*

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*Anders would listen attently to the familiar voice, responding once the transmission ends*

There better be a fucking funeral...

*He would clear his throat before continuing*

Who did this?

*He would end the transmission*

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*Miller is surprised hearing his two old friends after all this time. He contemplates what to say and presses the PTT*

It's nice hearing from you two, it's been a long time. Unfortunately, the funeral already happened and Izaak is in his final resting place. As far as who did it, I'm not sure. A group of men attacked The Plantation and Izaak died in the firefight.

*Miller feels guilty as he releases the PTT*

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