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What am I?

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(Max is sitting underneath a tree. He takes out a small notebook and a pen and starts writing)

Entry one

I am a nice guy. I know everybody hears that, but no, really I am now, but before.

Well shit before I was a fucking horrible person.

Let me tell you this. Do you have the fucking guts to kill a six year old who saw his parents getting killed. No, well I fucking do.

Its is a fucking horrible feeling. Imagine just staring into his eyes and pulling that trigger, and for what. Saving my own ass from the cops. That kid and his parents would probably

be dead now, but they died earlier and its because of fucking me. 

And guess what that is not the worst thing I did!

(Max slightly laugh`s and sob`s as he writes that)

I lost a lot in this world, to these god damn thing`s roaming every fucking town out there.

I lost my family, lost my job, but I lost the one thing that stood by my side everyday I came home. My dog, my fucking dog.

That dog was the one thing that listened to me, who loved me and who wasted my money on food.

Fuck it I deserved that. Now the other thing I did the more worse thing...

(Erik shouts: "Hey Max what you doing, we need you here!"

Max responds:" Alright, alright i`m coming")

Well diary or whatever the fuck you`ll be, I will write to you later!

(He closes the book and goes to the camp)

(As a couple of hours pass by, Max returned to the same tree, sat under it and started writing again)

Entry two

Well I`m back diary, or whatever. I need to name you but later, no time now.

So not sure what to write now, maybe a confession, or another secret, admitting to my horror`s and bad dream`s.

Well how about that other thing I did. You know... the worse thing then killing a kid.

I had to torture someone, now probably who ever is reading is thinking: "Wow so what its normal now"

Yea its normal now, I still do it, and I am not proud of it, but your first time is always the most fucked up one!

Well I don`t know how the men I worked with got him in our basement, but I was told to torture him, oh and boy it was fucking disgusting.

We hooked put him in a chair and got him soaked in water. He woke up, and was very, and I mean very resisting. So we hit him with some electricity and it did not work, he was still

resisting. Tough fucker huh, but then there is where I come in and my big mouth. I suggested we take out his eyeball, and well I did it. Without any hesitation

I took my knife and just slowly and carefully took out his eyeball, of course I do not wan`t to go into the details on how I did it, but he fucked screamed and moved so fast in that chair,

it was really hard to do so.

Now after we gave the dude some time to calm down, he told us what we wanted, and then came to most fucked up thing I have ever seen. The boss brought in some fucked up doctor from a satanic cult who wanted his organ`s. Now I have no idea who he was, or why he wanted the organ`s but he was willing to pay so we did not give a shit.

He told us we can get out of the room or stay and watch, so nobody being a pussy we stayed and watched. It was fucked up, I do not want to write this nor do I want anybody to experience this preformed on them.

That is entry two, ill talk to you later diary

(Max stands up from the tree and walks back into the camp with tears coming down his ears)

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a bit edgy but its cewl 

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Don't listen to keeds he's a white name, but good stuff man /troll.jpeg

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