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A proper send off..

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*At kabanino church you see an improvised grave, with a rifle, it has a scope attached and is also engraved "LM Cherepanov" the rifle is stuck into the dirt in front of the grave with a pilotka cap on the buttstock, taped to the rifle is a note, you read it*

"Lyuda... im sorry this had to happen to you, when i found you in the haystack, with blood on your face, i wept and i wept.. after all that has happened i didnt think you would get a send off like this, i carried your body through fields and fields and lay you down in the graveyard of kabanino church, it was pouring it down... i put my coat over your body so you wouldnt get wet... i dug your grave with more tears running down my face than rain, i tried to think of the good things that happened, like when i fell out of that tree when i tried to climb up to you, when we told really bad jokes to eachother and laughed for hours, when you were trying to camouflage your face so i just threw mud at your face! those times have gone, i try to not be sad that its over, but happy that it happened, thank you, you saved my life more times than i can count... 

Dosvidanye, tovarisch...


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