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So, since today i cant launch my DayZ anymore. I tried to restart my PC, and also to reinstall the game on both of my disks.

Google also doesn't give me satisfying answers.

The error looks like that.



thanks in advance

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Well, in order to make helping you easier. Tell me what you already did to try and fix it, so I can rule those potential problems out. Then I can start suggesting ideas of what I think can fix it.

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That file that shows up is a temp folder, maybe try clearing the contents of C:\WIndows\Temp. Basically, your BE is blocking that file, so try and find the file and delete it, then verify your files for DayzSA. 

If above doesn't work, things to try:

- Uninstall then reinstall BattlEye. Might have an issue updating itself. If it's out of date, games using BE might not start.
- Update all your drivers & OS.
- Disable firewall, and your virus protection to check if it's causing the issue.
- Verify Game Cache / reinstall DayZ completely (delete all files).


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solved itself, thanks to both of you

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Seeing as your issue has been solved I'm going to solve this thread.

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