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To Jackie (Open Frequency)

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*A quick squelch of radio static*

Jackie, if you are out there... this is Ryan. I have made it near a town called Gorka. Looking at my map that is about halfway to the Russian border. I haven't heard anything from you in months, you said you'd meet me here...

*Rustling and a deep somber exhale is heard*

I'm not sure if you can hear this, god I miss you. I just hope you and Audrey are safe... where ever you are. I love you guys, Audrey... daddy loves you and he will find you soon.

*Radio goes silent for 30 seconds then crackles back to life*

If anyone is listening and has seen my wife and child... she is tall, red hair and lots of tattoos, please, please help us find each other.

*Radio goes silent once more*

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