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93.6 / Broadcasting to Savior Scum

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*Charles leans against the window of the recording studio, holding the pale cut off of an arm. He drops the arm and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a radio labeled "Saviors". He turns it on and holds down the PTT*

'Ey there ya li'el scums! Hope you can hear me nice and clear! I've got a bit of a proposal for ya before things get a li'el.. Messy. I'd strongly advise you take a listen.

*He unfolds a dingy, yellow sheet of paper from his back-pocket and clears his throat*

While you all were busy trying to show off how small your dicks are to the lonely Survivors you'd fuck with, you forgot to think for a moment who you might've been messin' with. That's cool and all, I get it. What I don't get is how you shit-talk that one lonesome traveler, but cower down at the first glimpse of a bigger band of Survivors. Don't worry, I won't tell your secret though. Orrrr, maybe I will?

You see, you guys are going to stop fuckin' with my people. Why, you might ask? Wellll, it'd be might funny if those Funeral Parlor guys you lot always talk about on the radio knew where you were, twen-ty-four-seven. Hell, might even throw in the dudes with Orange Armbands since you talk about how pathetic they are! I know you're still dying to carve into one of them! I'd love to say that last bit was just a joke, but what was that again? Somethin' about makin' sure they knew you guys were serious? Whatever hehe.

*He picks his back-pack up off the chair and remembers the broken strap*

Moody. You and I both know how pathetic you are. I mean, come on. Our groups were allies and I STILL took your shit. Right in front of your face, actually! Hell, I took your back-pack and wasted all that ammunition just to show you who the real fuckin' Survivor here is. Then your little friend had the audacity to radio over and ask, nay, TOLD me to give it back? Last I looked, I'm still wearing that back-pack, only now it has a little blood from one of your little cult members. And you were crying about me taking your teddy bear?

Twenty-four hours. Within that time, I'd advise you respond and apologize for fuckin' with my guys before I let slip more of your secrets.

*Charles loosens his grip on the radio for a moment, peeling off dried blood from his shirt and pants. He lights the teddy bear on fire and holds down the PTT once more*

You know who I am, and you know what happened in our last li'el encounter. Please, fucking try me. All of you Savior scum, please, come try

*He tosses the radio back onto the shelf inside the recording studio, sitting back into the chair and opening a Rasputin*

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*Moody can be heard rolling around laughing at a man's poor attempt to get some sort of angry reaction from him*

"Ever thought I didn't care that much about that pack?" 

*Moody can be heard laughing uncontrollably*

"And small dicks? Hey sweety it ain't the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean."

*Moody catches his breath shortly*

"And we've never engaged in any fight with you, it just seems you are attempting to get attention by trying to call out the Saviors, its a cute attempt but yours was extremely unimpressive and almost a complete waste of time replying to you on this frequency."

"Anyways have a good day mate, I'm sure your crazy delusions that you are having of conquering us will bypass some time, and if they don't then you could always just end your sad pathetic life."

*Moody now feeling sad for delusional man releases the PTT*

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*He hears the response while lacing his boots. He shakes his head and grabs the radio, pulling it to his chin*

Suit yourself, pal. I guess I could understand your comment of motions and oceans and what not if you didn't spaz out when people raised their rifles or fired rounds off.

I guess you really are as ignorant as you seem. I find it hard to believe you can't recall any disputes between us considering I have a voice-casette recording of the screaming heard from the radio from all your guys when I raised my voice at you back in Stary. But, I'll show leniency towards the other fights since no one survived to come back and tell you. 

*He sticks the note under the chair, closing the door behind him as he walks out*

I'd really appreciate you just owning up to your mistakes and saying you're sorry! But, if you refuse, so be it. I've already, as you say, conquered you and yours boys once by myself. With the events to come, I doubt you'll survive another two weeks in this land. Not everyone you call a Savior is on your side, pussy boy. 

*He climbs the ladder, walking on the roof towards the breaker*

Better cut your grass soon, you can't see snakes in tall grass.

*He pulls the lever down, ending the transmission as static consumes the frequency*

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*Moody shakes his head, thinking to himself "This man needs to be checked into a mental facility asap"  and hits the PTT*

"I see you have been eating the mushrooms that grow off the cow manure again because man not a thing you are saying is making a bit of sense, and I know who the snakes are."

"I use them to my advantage. And everything you say gives me quite a chuckle because guess what? I'll always be at the top of the food chain and you'll be at the bottom scrambling around for the scraps left behind by the true survivors of this apocalyptic world."

*Moody sighs wishing that people such as this one just knew when enough is enough*

"And since you continue to speak, you should really consider that suggestion I made earlier and go off into the woods were no one will hear you sobbing like the pathetic creature you are."

*Moody begins to hope this creature stops blabbering about things that aren't relevant on this frequency*

"And I've made no mistakes my poor boy it's all part of a plan, and I really hope you aren't referring to that thing in Kab were I literally was joking around as my boys had their rifles aimed at you and your friend's head waiting to kill you. But seems as though I made the wrong choice keeping you alive. So be it, have a good whatever creature. Maybe one day God will have mercy on your soul and have lightning smite you were you stand."

*Moody chuckles at the no names poor attempts to get the slightest reaction out him*

*Moody releases the PTT* 



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