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server 2 help


HALEZY    88

hi there forgive me if this is the wrong place but anyone else having trouble finding server 2 when they search for it??? 

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Ramon    342

Hi there,

I just checked and Server 2 is still up and running.
You can look manually for a server by typing down the IP address:

First go to the server list, set the ping to 500 ( just to be sure ).
Fill in the IP address and click on '' Search ''
You should see the server by now.
Also make sure every other search option is disabled ( The one's on the right under ping )
When you found our S2 server click then on the star on the left next time the name to set the server as favorite.
When you want to play another day just set the search option to '' Favorited '' and fill in the password and you are ready to RP.


I hope you can find the server on this way.

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ZiggieFred    0

I actually had this problem yesterday. Had to restart my game few times to finally find the server.

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