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Whitelist revocation due to temp ban

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I was recently banned due to attempted KOS and RDM (long story, if you're really interested you can find the report under Steven Mortera), and I had heard somewhere that if you are banned within a month of applying you have to re-apply. 3 years ago I was fairly active and only just now got back into DayZRP with the addition of base building, and I'm not sure if my whitelist will be revoked or not. Seeing as this isn't my first time applying I don't think it will be removed, but I just want to make sure so that I can re-apply as soon as possible and get back into it.

That entails another detail as well. If I have my whitelist revoked, will my character be removed from the shard? I'm hoping it wont be, but assuming it wont. Again, just making sure.

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I'm not 100% sure to be honest I'd say hop on the Teamspeak and go to the Waiting For Staff Channel and talk to a staff member about it, sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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In the event your whitelist is revoked, your character won't be deleted unless there's a complete hive wipe. Your in game character and gear are tied to your Steam ID/GUID. Your whitelist has nothing to do with your character.

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Hi there,

If you are a new whitelist( witin one month time), even when you are a member of this community since 2013 your whitelist will be revoked.
Your character will not be wiped when your whitelist will be revoked.

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