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Calling all survivors (Open Frequency)

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*Babajide sits in his newly found home and begins to stare out of the window at the camp just outside it. He looks to his left and see's his radio. He picks up the radio, takes a deep breath and presses the PTT*

*A thick West African accent can be heard*

"This is Babajide, transmitting to all survivors. Recently me and my people have opened a new camp for all survivors to come and seek refuge. The camp will be known as 'New Mogawimbe' as given by my good friend Kibuka."

*He releases the PTT for a second and places a cigarette into his mouth. While fiddling with a lighter in one hand he presses the PTT again*

*His voice is muffled a little due to him holding the cigarette in his mouth*

"Obviously, I have set up some rules within the camp. Misbehavior within the camp will be dealt with by my people and if it gets out of hand I will personally deal with it and you will be politely told to leave."

"People who can abide by these little rules can stay as long as they want and can take as much as they want."

*He lights the cigarette and moves it away from his mouth*

"The camp is located south of Vyshnoye, in the little compound below Zub Castle."

"I look forward to meeting you, have a good day!"

*The radio goes dead as Babajide lets go of the PTT, places the radio on the table and walks out of the house* 

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*Kate, leaning against Tyler listens to the transmission and tries to write the location on a piece of paper. After the transmission ends she grabs her radio and pushes the PTT button down.*

Ehm... Hi Mr Ba... ehm...

*She quickly moves on as she realises that she forgot the name already.*

Can you like... tell us the rules, so we know what not to do in case we come over?

*She releases the PTT button and leans back again waiting for an answer.*

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Kurt removes his ski mask and tosses it aside, picking up his radio after hearing the transmission

"Hey there Mr.Baba...BabaJ-something, good luck with your camp. I sincerely mean this in a totally non radio snake way, I hope that it isn't one we hear about getting destroyed or something in like a week. People need a new place to congregate and shit ya'know?"

Kurt flips through his log book, flipping through the many names of previous camps and settlements that have been destroyed that now have a line through them

"Best of luck to you and yours. Let me know if you guys need any firepower over there, me and mine are sitting on a bit of a surplus we're looking to give to a worthy cause."

Kurt releases the PTT and takes a nap 

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22 minutes ago, Grimnir said:


*Babajide comes back after having a cigarette and hears the voices coming from the radio on the table. He rushes to the table, picks up the radio and presses down the PTT*

"The rules are simple, no blatant disrespect to me or my people... Guns are allowed because after all... it's for your own protection"

*He lets go of the PTT* 

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*Louie shouts over to the lads get the explosives ready lads we are going to have a fun time he then puts on a fake accent and hits the PTT*

"hey my name is Sam i am a highly trained doctor if you need help with anything let me know ill make sure to visit soon"

*Louie releases the PTT he then slaps Caleb in the back of the head and shouts time to blow some fuckers up*


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*Bladdes hears his old friend and presses the ptt*

Hello there Baba , surprised you are still around

How is it going on , from all the shit i'm hearing about you i'm guessing you doing great

*Short pause*

Anyhow , can we meet ? i have some questions regarding our old friends.

*he releases the ptt and begins packing his shit heading back to the Triangle*

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* The Doctor hears that there is a camp being set up and he thinks to himself that he might want to help out or maybe ask to set up there and help people out with doctor stuff, The doctor grabs the radio from his gray sweater and takes in a deep breath before talking *

  H - H-Hello there sir's and madam's I will love t - t-to come to this camp that is being set up but I - I am here to ask if I can set up some were in the camp so if people need any medical help then I will help them this will make people feel that they can come to the camp more often and you will get more people passing through. 

* He takes a pause and thinks to himself I never told him my name *

Sorry people my name is Doctor Steven Lore and I help people around the lands with anything they need medical wise. But sir if you want to talk about me setting up there then I would love to talk in person and not have people overshadow the conversation or we can talk on here its up to you. 

* He thinks to himself that this will be a new start for him and now he can start using his real name and not a fake on all the time. The Doctor waits for the man to talk back to him feeling the excitement and nervousness rushing through his body he puts down the radio and lets go of the PTT button. *

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*Scott lifts up the tree branch, searching for the radio he left on the ground. He picks it up and begins responding*

Hey buddy, If you want some company I could swing on by while on my way to the coast. Just want to know if there is anything for entertainment in the camp. Texas Hold'em, competitions, anything like that. I only ask cause I feel like having a rest stop that close to Chernogorsk would be something special. Kinda nice hearing about these camps opening up to strangers lately.

*Carves up apple slices with steak knife and starts eating them*

So anyway, contact me on this frequency and I'll see if I can come shoot the shit with you guys when I wake up tomorrow. Good luck on your business, don't take any shit from nobodies who think they can tell you what to do.

*Enjoys the rest of the apple and throws the core deep into the forest. Readjusts the tree branch over him and falls asleep on the ground*

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20 hours ago, Keedz said:


*Babajide is walking through Gorka when he hears his radio pop to life, with a familiar voice being projected from his trouser pocket. He takes the radio from his trouser pocket and presses the PTT*

"Hello there Mista Blades, it is good to hear a friendly voice once again! I was going to ask you the same thing but I know you can handle yourself quite well."

*He checks his surroundings and takes a breath*

"Of course we can meet, its been a while since I've seen you. Anyway, as for the meeting point, you could always swing by the Camp in a day or two as I am currently setting up a trade route for the benefit of my people."

"Get back to me when you can Blades."

10 hours ago, Bradley said:


*Babajide hears the man on the radio, shortly after addressing Blades he decides to respond*

"Hello there docta... Whatever. Apologies if I forgot your name but I am sure it is perfectly fine to allow you to set up something within the camp to address any medial attention that the people may need."


"As for meeting, you can stop by in a day or two like I have told Mista Blades. I look forward to meeting you docta, I shall see you later."

*The radio goes dead as Babajide lets go of the PTT and places the radio back into his trouser pocket* 

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