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Psychologist Needed. [Open Freq]

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Jimmy listen to Doctor Holiday's strange rambles in the cabin and shakes his head. He goes upstairs in the bar and sighs heavily before sitting down and pulling out his radio and pressing the PTT.

"Well...This is a strange request but we really could use a psychologist to look at a friend of mine who seems to just be losing it. If anyone who is properly trained in this can respond we can work out a meeting and time on our business frequency, 108.7. We would appreciate a quick response, Thank you can have a good day everyone."

He releases the PTT and raises an eyebrow about him screaming about books and other strange things. "Ugh...why are most of my friends crazy..."

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*Holliday grabs his radio and starts mumbling incoherent ramblings over the transmission. It sounds like he's having a complete mental breakdown*

"What are you talking about, don't bring anyone here! I don't want to talk to anyone, what did you do to Lucky! They're coming Jimmy, I can hear them in the forest! They're whispering to me Jimmy, go away!" 

*He throws his radio across the room, ending the transmission.*

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*Anton listens to the man and nods slightly, remembering when he helped Johnny with his psychological problems a couple of month ago. He grabs the radio and pushes down the PTT button.*

Hi, I could offer you some help. I know these times make it pretty hard to keep your thoughts together.

*He pauses.*

A couple of month ago I met a good friend of mine, he was in dire need of help. I am not a psychologist, but I read numerous book so I could help him. If you want I can help you aswell.

*He pauses a second time.*

Get us a secure frequency and we can start, personal meetings are too dangerous. I don't like to be lured into traps or become a victim of violent outbursts, nothing personal.

*Anton releases the PTT button and waits for a response.*

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10 hours ago, Grimnir said:


*Ryan smirks as he hears the radio, he picks it up and attempts a terrible Scottish accent as he pushes down the PTT to reply*

I would highly recommend Mr... Antonio as a psychologist, he is very much professional in his work

*he releases he is talking posh while talking like a northerner, but decides it is too late and continues*

He helped me with personal issues I was having the other week, and he his very cheap for the services he offers

*he releases the PTT and chuckles to himself, sliding the radio back into his pocket*

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