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Heinrick Arch

Unknown Communications [Private Freq]

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*The radio hums to life with static as a thick Chernarussian voice can be heard*

-Staticy radio clicks on-

Checkmate Actual this is Stalker Actual beginning first operation report

-The radio goes silent for a moment until the static returns-

Insertion was successful at 0400 yesterday. I moved to the RV point to obtain the equipment but it looks like it was already raided, not sure by whom but I'll be sure to see about tracking down the equipment. After the RV point, I moved to Hawk Actuals last known position and checked around, so far I have not been able to locate him but I'll continue asking questions to anyone I encounter.

-The radio goes silent again before the static resumes-

Situation is currently green. I have encountered a limited number of infected and I don't expect them to be too much of an issue. So far I have managed to
obtain limited equipment which, well not preferable, will suit my needs until I track down better equipment.

-The radio goes back to being silent for several moments until the static resumes again-

Nothing else to report, my next report will be tomorrow. Stalker Actual out.

-The radio clicks off-

*The radio quickly dies and the frequency becomes completely dead*


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