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Chronicle of Darkness & Other Tabletop RPGs

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Obviously I know a good portion of the community has participated in Tabletop RPGs ( the most common being D&D) but I was curious to know what other types of tabletops people play.  Currently I am managaging two Chronicle of Darkness games one which has gone on a little over a year and ; I was curious to know if other people had engaged in other tabletops.

Always looking for tabletop roleplayers or anyone that may have taken an interest in it.  I may look for another player or two to join if spots open up, so I wanted to post this out there - message me if you are interested ;)  

Anyways - mostly just a thread to talk about tabletop RPGs as I couldn't find one.  

Happy gaming :)


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I play occasionally ;)

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New server needed for tabletop role play?


Jokes aside, tabletop is great.
My experience up to now has been fantastic. It truly brings a whole new element to storytelling. 


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