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Primus Palus

Change of Backstory...

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Is there a process for changing your character and backstory? I've gone ahead and created a new character on another server with a whole different backstory than I am used to. I want to match that here. Should I kill off the existing one and call it "permadeath" or if I've had no physical contact with anyone else (no RP conducted), am I free to change? Do I need to submit this information somewhere?


I saw this:

Q: Can I change my name/character from the one I described in my whitelist?
A: Players are completely free to change characters and/or names at will. Just remember that a new character will not possess any of the memories or knowledge of your previous characters.


But not sure if it's kosher to just switch, or kill the person off (again, even if you've never been in contact with anyone).


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Hello there @Primus Palus

You can create as many characters as you please if you go over to the Character Page. You do not have to kill off your character if you want to change over

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As a matter of fact you can indeed change character whenever you want (not when in the middle of a conversation with someone or when inside an RP situation. Ex: Talking to someone, gets into a house, logs off, changes name, logs back in with another 'character'. No, not like that)

Here are what you can do when you're NOT in these situations that I said up above:

-Change the name of your character.

-Override the back-story of your character (if people know your back-story, they will try to sort it out in RP, calling you a liar and stuff)

-Perma-death your character whenever you want.

-Start a new character from scratch whenever you want.

Nobody forces you to do anything with your character, except staff, with a good enough reason. Now, be aware that you can't just shoot yourself in the middle of an RP section to change characters, and no, you don't have to kill your character to start a new one. Just change names and you're good to go.

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Hello @Primus Palus

Has your question been answered? If so please check the answer you found most helpful.

To do so just simply click on the tick above the up-vote and down-vote buttons.

If your question has not been answered feel free to keep this open to find a better answer.


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