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Information for Danny [The Balfour's Private Frequency]

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*Dalton holds down the PTT, running his hands through his hair as his hands shiver lightly, he lightly breaths on them in attempt to warm them, then proceeding to speak into the radio*

"This is a radio transmission directed to Daniel Balfour. It's Dalton. I have some interesting information you might be looking for. The man who injured your father, his name is Elias Holzmann. He is a former sergeant of Coldwater, and one of your father's trusted men. Just before the retirement of your father, we discovered that Mr. Holzmann was a traitor to the group, and intended to kill Bobby and Lyca, and take their place as Commander. He was brutally tortured and left to die as a result of his actions, but it appears as though he is still about. He is the man who injured your father's spine."

"Now, I consider your father a friend, taken into consideration what we have been through together. Feelings might not be reciprocated, but I don't care. He's Lyca's man, my friend, and your father, and that means that you and I need to find this sly German dog and put him down once and for all."

"Get back to me with your word, Daniel."

"Dalton out."

*Dalton releases the PTT*

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*Danny sits on his bunk in the compound, not knowing what to do. He has been taking a break from business and considering going straight. After realising that he has little to no enemies anymore he sighs to himself. He then thinks about his father, how he hasn't seen him in ages and how he isn't ever going to find him. After around an hour of thinking about how he could make money and start a new business, he decides... Gambling. After he thinks about all the things he could do with his connections and current friends and trusted associates, his radio bursts to life with Dalton's voice, he would then listen to Dalton's message and press the PTT Button*

" Dalton... Ah fuck this couldn't of come at a worse time...

I mean, hell.... His names what Elias Holzman? Hell... That's the most german name I've ever fuckin' heard to be honest.... Dalton.... There isn't anyway we'd be able to find this cunt, fair enough I've got the people and connections behind me to do it... It's just one man, and doing what he did means hiding... A lot of it "

*he would think back to when he first met Bobby in Grishino... When he didn't know he was his father*

" I'm not acting when I'm angry Dalton, that only makes my decisions stupid. Here's what's going to happen... We're going to let stuff cool down... Hopefully Bobby will heal up... And if he doesn't well, fuck, there isn't anything I can do is there? What am I gonna do call Dr.Hope and her magic fuckin' healing hands? No. Fuck that. We're going to let stuff cool down... Make him think that he's gotten away with it, and then... Eventually... When the time is right, I will take my revenge. 

I can't let personal feelings get my people killed anymore Dalton, I've got enough blood on my hands knowing that Mikey died because of me, that fucking guy man... He didn't know how to use a fuckin' gun... That guilt eats away at me every single fuckin' day... I'm not feeling like that again, so...

For now, hold fire... Don't act... I mean fair enough if you see him put a bullet in him... But don't go out of your way.

*The radio falls silent*

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