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[131.2 Private Frequency] - Partnership

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Jenny sits on the stone wall with her legs hanging off, trying to find the correct frequency on the rusty old radio she got.

" Like I said, I am shit with names, even nicknames. "

She chuckles trying to remember, only being able to recall their voice and looks.

" Just would like to make sure we all have the same understanding of our meeting. Your way of thinking is the only realistic way of surviving. So what do you say... Help each other out? I got some people I would like to see again and we both have a common interest in easily acquirable things, if you catch my drift. "

She leans against the house wall and takes a deep breath. It was good to be back.

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*Shepard picks up his radio after hearing it crack to life. He smiles slightly after the woman speaks and presses the PTT.*

"Yeah. We can help each other out, whether it be findin' people or getting certain things that we all need. You just let us know when and where you wanna meet again, and we'll be there."

*He releases the PTT and follows the rest of the group.*

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*Duncan decides to reply to the radio response.*

"Mrs. Spade was it? Or was it Mrs. Shovel, hmm. Anyway I was the guy in the black balaclava."

*You can hear the sound of metal scraping against wood. *

"My partner took a real shine to you, which is quite rare these days. It's always good to meet like-minded individuals. I'm sure we can help each other out if need be. You know how to get in contact with us so I guess we'll be hearing for you again sometime soon."

*He then goes back to his attempt at carving something into a tree.*

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Jenny smirks from the replies.

" Perfect. Same goes for you, gentlemen. "

She says the last word with a mocking tone.

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