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Way of a Wanderer - Frankie Paige

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Frankie Paige


"Luck, I don't have it"

Chapter 1

For a man to survive the first days of the apocalypse, luck must be used. But as a matter of fact, Frankie was never lucky. The Ex-Engineer came to Chernarus to do his first real job, one that would give him loads of dollars. It was a simple job: Go to that country, repair an big oil pipe, get back. Well, at least the plan was easy, because as we all know now, Frankie was never the luckiest man in the world.

For a job that could be done in less than two weeks, judged by the extension of the oil pipe that was malfunctioning, it took a month and a half to complete, due to mechanical errors, untrustworthy equipment and finally: Bad leadership from his boss, which seemed to hate the kid because of a certain accident involving his wife and Frankie's hands, but that's a story for another time.

After a not so well done job, it was finally time to rest and go back to the USA, where he would get that big paycheck on his bank account. He could already see that new car on his garage, a beautiful lady sitting on his couch, and, and... Frankie's imagination was going to far places, like he was living some sort of dream, but he wasn't, and I'd say that you already know why.

The city where the crew was staying, Novigrad, was having constant Black Outs and power shortages everywhere, along with high traffic problems and public services everywhere. Frankie learned form his english-speaking neighbor that there was some sort of disease outside, a rapid spreading virus. His crew immediately thought about going to the airport and getting to their plane fast, but that was too bad, because it was already closed, alongside with every single dock on the coast. At that exact moment, they panicked. Fights between each other erupted, trying to decide what to do. Three of the 10 decided to leave with one of the three cars, whilst the rest decided to stay at the apartment. They had seem that movie before: 'Major disease outbreak occurs, people try to flee from cities, die in their way because of traffic'. They were all nerds after all.

They called every single neighbor from the building to join them at their apartment, that was the biggest one from the entire city block, and stocked supplies inside a small backroom. If that virus was a true story, and if it was spreading, it wouldn't take long before it would hit the capital city, as they calculated, so they waited, and waited... And waited.

About one week later, after the infected were already roaming the streets of Novigrad, and pure caos was issuing, they needed more food. Two men decided to go out and search for it, armed only with a kitchen's knife, a bat and a frying pan. Enough to strike down an army. Let's only say that the only one that returned was the guy that took the frying pan. Clever man. Frankie was the first one to ask what the hell happened, but the man couldn't even speak. He was in shock after what he'd been trough. His pants were covered in blood, his face was filled with dirt and mud, and half of his sweater was teared off. He didn't speak for a whole day, before finally sleeping, only to wake up the next morning and tell everything to everyone: "There are cops shooting civilians. They are coming to us. It's my fault.".

A plan needed to be done, and fast. They got a map on the table and surrounded it like geeks playing D&D, but that wasn't a table-top game, it was survival. One bad move, and they were all dead, much like chess. The goal was not to kill the kind, but to move their troop out of the board, or, to get the hell out of that city.



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