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To My Dear Friend Lyca. [Open]

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*Victor presses down hard on the PTT button after realizing that the battery he shoved in the radio actually works*

"Lyca my dear friend, if you are out there this message is for you. I have been travelling around searching for people who might know the names on my list but to no avail, the land is now more dead than ever and I have not come across a soul for quite some length of time. I stopped by Stary Yar and then made my way south to Severograd in the hopes some of my old friends might be around but they were not. I have decided to end my search for them as I have given it my best effort but clearly they are either dead or have moved on. If I ever run into them maybe then I will take up the search again but for now I am done Lyca. "

*Victor looks up at the hill in front of him towards a large military base as he breaths deeply and continues to speak.*

"Lyca, I stopped by the town where we first met but could not find you or the others there. I find myself alone and lost in this cruel world with no support. The only thing I see these days is the dead and packs of wolves which are ever harder to avoid. I feel like I need to find more people to converse with but no one is around. Loneliness is setting in and a slight depression with it. I am keeping my head up but times are hard and I am lost."

*Victor ends the transmission hoping she heard him and wishing she could help him escape the wilderness he finds himself in*

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*Dalton holds down the PTT*

"Hey, Victor. My apologies in advance for the recent inactivity of our people. Things have been quite crazy and the most of us are lying low until things settle down between some of the groups in the area. Once the smoke clears, which will be very soon, Kindred will be back in action. I promise."

"We will be seeing each-other soon, Victor. Things are finally going back to the way they were a few years ago. Few large groups dominating any areas, simply smaller groups, like us, fighting like rats. Easy-peasy, rooty-tooty-shooty and the cycle repeats itself. In another few years, there'll be another Floor Eleven, another Horsemen, another Regulators, another Trust, only under a different name doing the same thing."

"It might be hard to understand for you, but what isn't hard to understand in this country? I personally find it difficult to understand how someone knew my name from touching my wrist, but that's a story for another day... Maybe they were a psychic."

"One more thing. Don't give up the search for your friends. If you do, then you've been defeated. You've lost. But until then, you're in the ongoing battle, and it can be won. I assure you."

"See you soon, Victor. Real soon. I promise."

*Dalton releases the PTT*

"I hope I can keep a promise for once."

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*As he hears a familiar voice he quickly raises the radio to his air and speaks into the radio*

"It is nice to hear a familiar voice my friend. I hope you are right about meeting again soon, things on the road are tough, supplies are nowhere to be found and ammunition even tougher to find. I forget to mention that I came into contact with a group of people who went by the name of The Union near Severograd, I think they knew who I was but they said nothing to me about my past, do you know these people?"

*Victor composes his thoughts and once again begins to speak*

"About what you said in regards to the other groups I agree, things will once again go back to how they once were but I find myself in my exile having ever increasing amounts of time to think over what has been, what may be and what has yet to become. You said we are laying low and fighting like rats but I don't see why we should, we have been through so much and still here we are, alive and still moving forward in life, it has to count for something, doesn't it? Maybe there is another way to get out of all this mess.... Anyways if you see Lyca let her know I was asking for her and same to the others. Things may be rough now but there is something good for us all out there, we just need to discover it."

*Feeling inspirational Victor ends the transmission and continues to search through the building for food*

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