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Whitelist application bugged?

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Hi all,

So i applied to the whitelist, filled all questions i was asked correctly after my first attempt (since i got no incorrect pages second time round), filled in the story about my character, filled in the about you part and finished the application but then it looped me back to the question page and acted like i never filled any of it out.

Did my application actually register or have i got to do it all again?


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Hi there @MyShadowOfTheNight

I'm not sure what happened to your application, but if I was you I would go on the Teamspeak and go to the Waiting For Staff Channel and tell a Support member what happened and from there they will probably have an Admin look over your case or you can just leave this thread up and an Admin or Support member will probably comment on it soon, wish i could be more helpful.

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Hello there @MyShadowOfTheNight

The whitelist system is rather bugged at the moment as it has been recently coded. The best thing to do before you submit your whitelist is to either jot down your answers or take a screenshot as its a known bug. Unfortunately you do have to redo all the answers. You can always go into the "Waiting for staff help" channel in teamspeak and have a Support member help you go through it again if you would prefer that

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@Smash Gordon & @Bran Thanks for your rapid responses.

Just talked to two lads on the TeamSpeak server, they couldn't do much but told me to redo it, i got it to work this time. It seems having 5 tabs with the website open caused the application to bug out, once i closed them it submitted fine.

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That's good to year :)

If you have gotten the answer you want then you can mark it as the best answer by pressing the big tick above the upvote/downvote buttons

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