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Help with posting pictures

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So I was uploading screenshots to my media thread, then I suddenly couldn't post anymore because my file upload limit was decreased from 1MB down to 0.16MB. I tried downsizing the file, I tried using URL photos and none of it will work. Ramon helped me to the best of his ability and I am very grateful for his service but we couldn't find a solution, so he recommended I come here :D 

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If you're uploading stuff to a media thread I recommend creating a gallery, upload the images there and then pasting that into a thread.

There is a limit of how many attachments you get upload to a thread. Gallery has a much larger limit.

Or just use a host like Imgur

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Hey there!

When your question is solved with that, it would be really great when you could hit the check button next to the best answer! So we can see who still needs our help!

Thank you! ;)

Greetings, Lyca

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