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Calling All Doctors (Open)

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*Jack Richards looks over medical supplies in disappointment  and clicks on PTT*

This is a message to all doctors. My name is Jack Richards I am one of the many doctors who came here with the UN. When we decided to go into this field of work we couldn't have even thought this is what it would be like.

*Puts in a pinch of dip*

However we still made to oath to help out whoever we could, no matter what. Now I am not asking any of you brave men and women to go out and be heroes but the there are still many survivors out there who need our help.


That being said what I am asking of you is that do not forget who we are and to give that aid to everyone we can...friend or foe.


Now I know you may being thinking that I am asking too much... regardless a simple first aid kit for a random stranger is a prime example that not all hope is lost for us. So I ask you no mater if you travel alone or with an outfit remember who you are and what you committed to. Help them, all of them because this is who we are.


This Dr. Richards signing off.

*Jack releases PTT *


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Rose pauses hearing the mans voice on the radio and frowns slightly before pressing the PTT to respond.


"Hello Dr.Richards, I am a doctor my self it's nice to see that there are some more still out there. However, I do not agree with your words, I will help people, but not those who hurt the people I call my family now. Not the ones who have hunted us and attempted to kill us."


She pauses a moment and the clicking of a lighter can be heard before she continues.


"As for the oath, Yeah we all took it. But these days you cant get by clinging to that thing. Trust me I learned that the hard way, clinging to that oath will get you shot or killed. Take that as my professional opinion on the matter. Anyway, good luck out there, and be careful who you help. Not everyone deserves it."


There's the sound of her taking a deep drag off her cigarette before her radio goes silent.

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*Lyaria sits at the bar listening to the bickering of those around her as she writes down her next radio transmission to broadcast on a loop. As she flips through the frequencies to find a clear one she stumbles upon this. She tell everyone to shut the fuck up and listens in. As she goes to respond Rose's voice comes across and she waits until she speaks.*

"She has a point Dr. Richards. Patching up the man who killed someone you knew is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do...not everyone is deserving."

*She sighs before continuing.*

"I will have you know though that there are still people out there helping strangers. You simply have to know where to find them."

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*Lilly sets down one of her teddy bears on her and Luke's small Cabin bed. Quietly listening to the radio and the man's message. Before she bring her radio up and responds*

"Hello Dr. Richards, as mentioned its very dangerous to go around claiming yourself a doctor now days. We did take that oath, and some of us still stand by it. While some of us also say screw it, because no one else really cares and thinks we are a little crazy to stick to it. You could be shot for such things as helping someone in need...trust me I know that feeling all to well."

*Lilly pauses as she touches the scar on the right side of her temple. Before she continues.*

"Though, it isn't a bad thing to keep to the oath. Neither should you fault people for not wanting to help their enemies. Anyway, some of us me included still hold to the oath but we are few and far between. Have a good day Mr. Richards."

*Lilly sets her radio in her bag as she leaves the cabin to search for some supplies.*

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*Ivan holds a rolled up bundle of cash notes in his hand, turning it over as he examines it with his one good eye. He puts the radio to his mouth and presses down on the PTT.*

"Back in the day, before the world went to hell, we would wake up in the morning, clean ourselves, eat breakfast, and go out for three quarters of the day to do a series of repetitive tasks in order to obtain rectangular pieces of paper with a numbers scrawled on them. And we used that paper to pay for the various necessities we needed to survive, to enjoy life, to keep ourselves in a stable living condition.

Those meaningless, worthless, useless pieces of paper used to be a concept that most people would use as a basis, a focus point for their entire lives. And now? Now they mean nothing. The only use they have now is to start a fire at night.

Back then we had other things too. Like your morals, your code as a doctor? To help anyone and everyone in need, no matter who they are or what they've done? Just like money, those rules doesn't apply anymore. I would have thought that someone that made it this far would know that by now. Perhaps you haven't lost enough to understand the way things work anymore. Or.... maybe you have, but you're simply deluded."

*Ivan flicks his lighter and holds it up to the roll of notes, watching as they slowly burn away.*

"If somebody wrongs you, if somebody wrongs someone you care about, and their life is in your hands? Best just let 'em die. They'd do the same for you. Don't waste time trying to be the better person."

*He drops the flaming paper and stomps it out under his boot.*

"We're all the same out here."

*He depresses the PTT and continues walking down the road.*

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