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the bio of a dead man

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Guest mainline

first name:Lance

last name:crowly

occupation: prisoner




family:my love lauren

as a kid I had always wanted to be a fireman. but now I'm running from them the flames that grow in the shadows of my past. I would not like to go into much detail as it could raise a few flags. I will only say I am not what they clam me to be. I am not the monster that did the things they say I did but after the explosion at the prison I just had to run. I will not die for a crime I did not commit. I was so happy to be free again to be given just one more chance to see my love again. I pictured her standing on her doorstep in her beautiful white sundress smiling that wonderful smile she has that makes me feel like I am home again... a simpler time. but now with the outbreak I don't know if I will ever reach her I have to try she would never give up on me the letters I received every week are a testament to that. they are the only thing that kept me sane through though's awful days i cringe at the thought of the nights spent in that place.... so now i must scour Chernarus for any sign of her any hope that she may still be alive...

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