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Max's Supply Drop #2

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*Max would pick up his radio from ontop of the building and turn it on*

This is my second radio transmission of the day. I already explained everything in my previous radio message.. so I hope you heard that one, because I don't have time to get as detailed this time. I have left the 2nd stash of the day, or supply drop as you may call it. This time it is located in Elektrozavodsk, west.. no wait.. east of Chernogorsk where the previous drop was in. The stash is to be found ONTOP of the hospital in Elektro, on the very top, not just the basic roof. 

*The wind breaks up the message for a few seconds before it quiets down*

The supply drop contains about the same as in the first one. Some food, ammunition, that sort of stuff. Feel free to take whatever you need, but feel just as free to leave a bit behind for others. Anyways, I promise you that the next drop will be further up north. I've had some luck and managed to cross an untouched hospital, so expect some decent medical supplies to be waiting there. Stay tuned for my next message if any of what I said sounds interesting to you.

*Once again, the wind would interrupt before calming down again*

Stay safe out there! I've got to go, good luck!

*He lets go of the PTT and looks around for a way back down before the wind gets too heavy*

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