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My background story for whitelist (need feedback)

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Hey all, I'm a big fan of roleplaying and thought of sharing my story here of my character that I am going to apply with to get whitelisted when the function opens. Let me know what you think about it!

My name is Danny Smith, I work for the Special Air Service and got deployed to Chernarus when the rumors spread of this dangerous virus that took over the Czech Republic. My job was simple, help the local military while finding the source of the infection. No one in my unit knew how long it would take, all we know is that we were headed for the small military airport of Balota. When we arrived, most of the northern cities were overrun and the military had lost contact with the medical camp up north in Stary Sobor. Most of the north was overrun, and the people rushed to the south in the hopes to catch a ship off shore. We knew the risks, but we did not exactly know what happened to the locals besides them being turned into walking corpses of rotting flesh. Most of the citizens that lived up North, didn't make it to the south, the infection spread too fast and you couldn't outrun it. The stories are that everyone was infected before anyone had actually turned. We werent able to feel it or see it, but everyone that took their last breath, would turn into these devastating creatures. My squad and I have been all over the world, from wars to secret operations we had been together for almost 10 years and never failed any mission we had received. When heading up north we passed the town of Rogovo, it is here when we saw our first infected local. His skin was pale and his body seemed to be rotting, he looked to be in pain and made horrible noises that I still remember up until this day. We didn't think twice to light him up to relieve him from his pain, some of us were afraid, can you imagine that? We have had over a dozen succesful missions, without failing once, and here we are facing the unknown and even we are frightened of the unknown.

It was already becoming dark, so we decided to press on since we were almost there. Star Sobor was the perfect location to provide aid to almost anywhere in Chernarus. The place itself is the most centern village of the area and this was the best location to hold off the horde of infected humans. It was dark when we rolled into town, and to our surprise there weren't any lights turned on or any sight of life in that regard. When we ventured off into the town, the streets were empty and many cars and military humvees were abandoned. My squad and I hurried to the medical camp that was supposed to be still up and running and providing aid to the local military that was holding off the infected. When we had gotten there, we saw a lot of people standing in front of the tents, but it was really dark and they hadn't turned on any lights.

There were five of us, riding in our humvee alone in the dark without any back up. We were sent to helped the local military, and to find the source of this infection, we came unprepared since no one knew what had happened in this place. We have fought at many wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we had never seen this before. We stepped out of the Humvee, to greet the remaining people at the Medical Camp to ask about intel and if they needed our aid. Billy and I stayed with the humvee, Billy has been a good friend of mine and we knew each other since we were kids. Billy recently got married and his gorgeous girlfriend was a few months pregnant. When I reached for the cigarettes we heard a lout scream. The scream came from the tents and the people around the place also started to run to the place where the scream came from. Billy and I had no idea what happened, did someone just tripped and why was everyone running?

Suddenly we see James running back to our humvee shouting we had to get out of there, James was always an odd guy, he was really silent to the group but he was the only person that I felt I could really trust besides my friend Billy. He once told me that his wive had left him when he was in Afghanistan, and some people said he had never been the same since. He was always a really nice guy and you could see in his eyes that he had experienced a lot of sadness. When he was running back to the humvee he was screaming to get the engine starting and that we had to get out of there. A couple of seconds later we see a horde of pale skinned people running behind of him chasing him this way. Billy was in the drivers seat and immediately started the humvee ready to roll out. The horde of infected behind James were catching up to him, and while turning our humvee around we heard someone screaming, and when we looked around we no longer saw James. Around a dozen of pale faced people were eating the skin of his body, I shouted to Billy to leave the area while we still had a chance and so we did, still hearing the screaming of James behind us. What happened there, was the rest of our squad still okay?

Billy and I decided to drive over to Novy Sobor, a town next to Stary that was supposed to be under control of the local military. While driving down the road of Stary, I thought about Andy and Brandon, were they still alive or were they also overrun by the horde of infected? I had been on a couple of missions together with both of them, and leaving them behind like this was a real painful thing to do. It was really dark at night, and because of what we had just seen Billy decided not to use his lights, in hope that we didn't raise the attention of more infected people in the area. Everything went so fast, and before I know it we crashed into a broken down humvee what killed our engine. I was able to see the church in the distant so I knew Billy and I were close. And that's when we heard the sound of footsteps behind our humvee. Billy and I both jumped out of the humvee, and ran to the ditch besides the road. I could tell that Billy was scared, and so was I, we had just heard our friends screaming and we didn't know what happened to them. We heard more footsteps coming closer and we heard the people making weird but scary noises. It came clear to me that the whole place was overrun with the infection. It had spread so fast that even the local military couldn't hold their ground. It didn't take long before one of the infected came closer to our ditch and we decided to run for it. All I can remember is that we were running south into the woods, Billy was still next to me here running for his life. When we had gotten to the trees, the horde was still chasing us and I shouted to Billy that we couldn't stop running, and this is the moment I had seen him last.

I managed to get to safety in the woods and decided to catch my breath for a while, when the sun came up I headed south in the hope to find people who were still alive. When I was closing in to the town of Balota, I knew the infection was faster than I had expected and it had outran me. It is now give or take 30 day's later, I do not exactly know how long it has been. I do not know where exactly I am, I have been walking around from town to town, gathering supplies in search for more survivors.

Sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker since I am from Holland, but I hope it isn't that bad.

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Guest aphex500

Enjoyed your bio! Really good!

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wait wut, tfor a second i thought this was a new thread

Yea, I thought Proxzor was back playing. Aww :[

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