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Guest Acierate

Hey Guys!

Good or Bad backstory?  

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Guest Acierate

I'm obviously new to this (Hence the hello! :D) I've RP'ed before, but i guess the closest thing that ive done in relation to this would be one of those GMOD HL2:RP servers. I'm hoping for this to be a huge, new, fun, adrenaline pumping experience!

I missed my chance to be whitelisted earlier today because of school >.<

I don't know if i will be allowed to post what i want my backstory to be in the joining/leaving sub forum but here it goes:

My name is Aaron. I've been sent from the United States of America to investigate this newly sprouted disease. At the time the new but horrible dangerous disease only infected 10 people, so I was off guard of what could possibly happen. While on work asking around i stumbled around a beautiful woman that goes by the name of Mary. I ended up totally sidetracked from work and started dating her. I was told to investigate then return to America in 3 months. On my last week i was supposed to be stationed, the outbreak occurred. I couldn't just leave the woman I loved. I only knew her for a short while but I know she is the person i want to be with for the rest of my life. I stayed for a while longer. America begged me to come back, not wanting to lose one of their best spies. I finally gave in to their will and returned. When i came back they (the government) finally started thinking of what could've happened if i came back. They thought i carried the disease to America. Frighted but merciful they spared my life. But i lost my job because of refraining to return. Now I have no love life, or job. With the money i had scrounged up I bought a plane and crash landed in what I wanted to return to. Chernarus. Almost dead I still plan to find Mary and fly away to somewhere safe.

TLDR I'm a badass spy who fell in love, left love for a job, lost his job, and came back for some love then plans to leave. woohoo

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