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Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

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Can't remember if I replied already and lazy to go through all pages to check so ¯\_ツ_/¯

Personally in the time I spent in this community (which is about two years+ don't know exactly) I have permadeathed only 1 of my characters. And to that I can relate to quote below. 

56 minutes ago, Phoenix said:

I don't create a lot of characters and I stick to one and try to flesh them out. I'd get super fucking bored if I had to perma all the time and start all my friendships and relationships from scratch.

In general I don't agree with adding Permadeath rule, simply because we already have enough rules and do not need more in my opinion especially not rule about this. I've always liked the current option where the player has the decision to make whether or not he will permadeath the character. I think people should be able to decide if/when they want to perm the character they are putting all the time into developing it, personally I'm open to perming my characters if the RP leading to it is good enough and the situation to kill off the char is fitting.

And again can relate to yet another quote from one of my favorite, dear community member Pado.

2 hours ago, Rebel Pado said:

I am all for realism but lets keep in mind this is just a game and lets just have fun and not worry about little things.


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