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[Feedback more than welcome.. Comon Whitelist! :D]


Name: Jerry Jataan "JayJay"

Birth Date: April 8th 1981

Occupation: Prison Guard/Warden (up until now)

The early years:

Jerry Jataan, otherwise known by the nickname "JayJay" to those who were his "family & friends". He is Small framed and agile, with brown hair and innocent green eyes.

JayJay grew up on a small farm about an hour south of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

His mother ran off with another man when JayJay was very young, which left his father Rick heartbroken and hardened.

Rick Jataan, was a brutal ex-military man who wanted nothing more but for his son to follow in his footsteps of being a soldier. Rick continuously had JayJay practicing his aim with military grade weaponry, running drills, and honing his survival skills; though JayJay never could live up to his father's expectations.

JayJay was not interested in becoming a soldier.. He wanted to live a life of respectable public service that would not have to see war. He was too friendly by nature for that kind of life.

After JayJay grew old enough, and his father had no further control over him.. He wanted to combine his knowledge and desire, into a profession that he could feel fulfilled..

An offer was made to him to make an honest living as a prison guard. He thought to himself, "I think that could work..! What better position for a skilled marksman than a prison guard.. And I'll have the chance to help people turn their lives around!.."

Without thinking too long, he accepted the position.

JayJay worked for 15 years as a common guard.. He was treated like an outsider by his co-workers, and like a piece of shit by the other inmates on a daily basis. Day in, and Day out, he would punch the clock for the same mediocre wage..

He began to feel differently about the world, and how he viewed things. He also began to want more for himself.. More respect.. He was tired of being treated like a nobody.

Seemingly by fate, another life changing opportunity presented itself to JayJay in the next few months.. The warden was retiring, and because of JayJay's quiet, continued service for so many years.. He was given an interview for the job.

He knew every corridor.. Every door.. Every lock.. Every steel bar, in that entire prison. He knew the inmates, and their stories.. As he had listened to them mock him for years, and go on with their gossip thinking nothing more..

He knew all the other guards, and staff.. As they spoke freely around him, as if he was not even there..

Yes.. This was what JayJay was meant to do.. What he was born to do.. Or so he thought, at the time.


Warden Jataan became to be known as one of the most efficient, yet short tempered and brutal Wardens in the prison's history. He demanded respect from his guards, and his inmates alike.. As it was never shown to him before in his life.

His new found power and authority quickly corrupted the honest and friendly man, into a selfish monster with a lust for self validation.

The Inmates who were foolish enough to call him by the name "JayJay", were thrown in the hole for months on end.. Some inmates were never seen again, and unconfirmed reports say that the warden had ordered their execution for such a simple "disrespect".

After years of ruling the prison under an Iron fist, word got out of conspiracy and corruption within the prison. After an investigation that was dropped due to lack of evidence, he was assigned to oversee another prison overseas, in the province of "Chernarus".

Instead of seeing this as a demotion, or punnishment.. JayJay thought to himself.. "Its just a new batch of suckers for me to bend to my will! I've done it before, and this will be no different!".

He didn't know just how wrong he was...

JayJay's new "Life?":

Upon landing at Chernarus at a small Airfield in the North-East, the crew and passengers were quickly hustled off of their plane by several men in military uniforms. They were carrying assault rifles, and didn't look like they were on a training drill.

All JayJay had time to grab was his small backpack containing a flashlight, and a single bandage in his back pocket. He angrily spoke up to one of the military men..

"What the F*[email protected] is going on here!?!.. What's the goddamned rush!?.."

Just as the military man began to reply, some men started to yell, and machine gun shots were fired nearby. People began to scream, and trample each other in their attempts to escape the chaos.

The Military men shouted in futile attempts to control the masses, but the people did not listen in their fear.

Completely confused, and terrified at the sudden change in environment.. JayJay automatically reverted to the many years of forced military training by his father.. He began to run to cover so that he could gain his wits, and assess the situation.. He managed to get free of the crowd, and ran around a corner to crouch inside one of the large green hangars.

As he caught his breath, and tried to understand the insanity that he had just witnessed, he heard a strange low grumble coming from close behind him.

As he turned his head slowly, and wiped his eyes to confirm what he was seeing.. Not 10 feet in front of him, was a man squatting on all fours like a monkey, with his face covered in blood, and eyes the color of amber.

"Is that dude eating, that dude..?!?" JayJay whispered to himself in disbelief..

The strange man stood up awkwardly, and emitted a deafening scream in JayJay's direction.

Startled, he stumbled backwards and fell to his back..

As the creature began moving towards him, with a look of blood-lust in its lifeless amber eyes.. JayJay grabbed a hatchet that happened to be laying on the floor beside him, and buried it in the creature's skull with a dull thud; bringing it to a lifeless lump on the ground at his feet.

"F#&king zombies!?! Are you Kidding me!?!... WTF is this? Resident Evil!?", he said to himself.

As the commotion ensued, JayJay was able to use his perception and stealth to avoid further confrontation.. He slipped into the nearby forest, and headed east, still trying to make sense while keeping a vigilant eye out for more of these "Zombie" creatures..

After about 20 minutes, he could make out the sounds of waves crashing on the shoreline..

"The Coast!.. There will probably be a boat, or something I can use to get away from this damn crazy place..!", he hoped.

In the distance, he could make out a small fishing boat moored at a dock. As he approached, he saw a man in a fisherman's hat standing at the end of the dock, looking out over the water.

"Hey man.. You won't believe the crazy shit going on at the airport just west of here... Zombies or someth...."

JayJay didn't get a chance to finish his sentence before he realized who.. or what.. he was talking to..

He broke out into a sprint down the coastline, looking back. As the zombie spun around suddenly to give chase, its foot got caught on a rope that was coiled on the dock, and skewered itself through the chest on a broken piece of wood.. JayJay just kept on running.

After a while of running down the coast and seeing nothing but more of these "Zombie creatures", he decided to stop under a bush to rest.

He pondered his situation.. He didn't know the land, or have anything except a backpack, a bandage, and a flashlight.

He wasn't going to fix a boat with no tools or parts.. He knew he needed food and water soon, because he was stubborn, and didn't want to drink or eat the "garbage food" on the plane. He also knew that in order to get these things, he would need some sort of weapon to protect himself from the zombies.

His training would serve him well on his journey, and he found himself thanking his father for the years of abuse.

Though JayJay is now forced to live the life that his father wanted for him as a soldier.. His destiny in chernarus is now his own to create.

This is where the story ends.. and DayZ begins..

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Guest Maboola

Hi, as someone who also wrote a rather lengthy story I'd like to say bravo. I saw a few spelling and grammatical errors but those can be easily fixed.

An ill-tempered prison warden would probably fit right into a post apocalyptic world filled wih violence and distrust :)

Good luck, hope you get whitelisted.

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Very well done! I also wrote a rather long story, and I even made a portrait of my character with photoshop :) I enjoyed the read. Hope you get whitelisted. Take a look at mine?

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Thank you for your kind words, and feedback. It is much appreciated!

I will gladly read your bio. AntiSaint. :)

P.S - If someone could help me with my sp/gr errors..? I did use spell check (lol), and unfortunately grammar isn't exactly my strong suit.. But I do try. :)



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This is the only thing I would change. Third paragraph: "into a profession that he could feel fulfilled.. "

Change it to:

"to a profession in which he could feel complete. "

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