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To the remnants of Sanctuary [Private]

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Rose sits back against the wall of the small barn that her and Ender had set up their small camp in and sighs softly.

She picks up her radio and sets it to her old private sanctuary frequency before pressing down the PTT.


"Hey, this is Rose, not sure if any of you still stay tuned to this frequency but I wanted to check in. It has been far too long and I haven't heard from anyone since we all split up. I am sorry that me and Ender kinda dropped off the map for a bit, we just thought it would be better for everyone if we all just went our own ways and put some distance between all of us. Makes it far harder for those who want to hurt us track anyone down."


She pauses a moment and pulls out a pack of smokes lighting one and taking a long drag off of it before continuing.


"Anyway, I hope you are all okay, do me a favor and check in from time to time okay? We may not be sanctuary anymore but that doesn't mean we can't be friends or stay in touch. So let me know if you guys are all okay still, and don't forget that if you ever need me I'm always on this frequency, I am always just a call away for you guys."


She releases the PTT and butts out her cigarette before clipping her radio back to her belt and resting her head back against the wall.

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Ezekiel leans against a tree, his SVD lays across his lap as he searches through radio frequencies, staring at his fire. He stops on one in particular when he hears his friends voice.

At the end of the message, he pushes on the PTT

"It's been a long time Rose, and it's good to hear your voice again, no matter how long ago. It would be nice to have a big "family reunion" again some time," he chuckles a bit before resuming.

"Anyways, finally got over that goddamned disease with the help of a couple friends. Thought it was the end there quite a few times. Spent a lot of time praying a rethinking my life decisions. Listen to me ramble. Anyways, if you'd like to travel together again for a bit, I'd be more than happy to; just name the place and time. You all stay safe out there and watch  your backs,"

He releases the PTT and sets down his radio. He pulls his pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and looks at them a few moments before tossing them into the flames.


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Chris runs from a horde of infected and hears a familiar voice from from his bag 

He runs into a near by house puts near by desk up against the door and starts to talk in a out of breath voice


''He-he-hello i haven't heard from you guys in quite some time now. I hope you and Ender are okay it would be nice to catch up''

 You can hear infected slamming against the door trying to get in

''Well I hope i can hear from you guys soon. Right now im in a bit of trouble''

Cuts of after hearing a few gun shots and a door being kicked out


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*Alex wakes up because he hears a familiar voice on the radio he rubs his eyes and starts transmitting*

Hello, Sanctuary eh *he grins as he lights a cigarette* really interesting to hear that name again well since we split up it was very interesting indeed. We will see how that will work many things happened and I don't know if I can still be friends with you guys. I don't want to hurt anybody.

*thinks about his last sentence and laughs a bit*

I can just say I will move on from now on that would be the best for everyone.

*he releases the PTT for a few seconds sighs and holds it again*

oh and Chris interesting to hear from you again didn't think I would hear that voice again 

*grins puts his plate carrier on takes his m4 and walks towards the airfield*

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*Chris hear's a voice from his radio while sitting around a camp fire. You can hear other voices in the background

''Fuck! Alex....... Man its good to hear from you last I heard from you was when you had issues with the FireFlies and you disappeared'' 

Chris smiles and gets up and walks around to stretch his legs around

Listen Emily and Luke told me what happend......... I hope you stay safe its a tough world out there.

*Puts his radio in his backpack and continues to walk*

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*Dragan hears a familiar voice on the radio, he quckly grabs his radio and responds*

Wait, Alex.......... im a getiing insane, is that really you i tought you were dead

atleast hats what the told me 

* in confusing he realeses the PTT*

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Rose climbs up the deer stand and sits with her back against the side wall before un-clipping her radio from her belt and pressing the PTT to speak.


"It's good to hear some familiar voices, Ezekiel I'm glad to hear you got better, do me a favor and quit drinking from dirty ponds okay? And Chris, it's good to hear from you too, didn't I tell you to stay OUT of trouble? Granted you guys weren't great at listening to me!"


She pauses and laughs briefly before the laugh turns into a rough cough, she goes silent for a moment catching her breath before continuing

"How is Emily doing Chris? I haven't heard from her in a while, though her name did come up in conversation a few days ago, Alex I know we never talked much but it's good to hear from you too, sorry about how things went at the end there. Hopefully you are doing alright, my offer to the others applies to you as well you know, one of my radios is always tuned to this frequency. And Dragan really I don't even get a hello? Yeesh i get its been a while but damn. As for you thinking Alex was dead, you wanna fill me in on whatever it is I have missed?"


She releases the PTT and looks up at the sky before pulling her journal from her bag and jotting down some notes.

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Chris sits down up against a wall and starts talking into the radio

Nice to hear from you as well. I have not heard anything about Emily in a few weeks now. All I know is he is getting married to this guy called Louie.

Chris stops briefly and starts to think about the past

............Errrrr. Ummmmm Anyway He's a alright guy. Bit of a loud mouth. But he is a alright guy. Not exactly a friendly name out here. People held me up at gun point and demanding information about him and the crews. But I got out alive. So sorry Rose but trouble always seems to follow me hahaha. But I haven't heard anything about Emily in a long time. I hope she's alright. Shes a good person.

And Alex well..... best ask him yourself Emily told me some pretty bad stuff about him and what members of FireFlies did I was in Elecktro searching for supplies. Alex is not exactly a saine person. 

Chris releases the PTT and closes his eyes leaning back against the wall  

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*Alex hears chris on the radio walks into the bar in Grishino grabs a beer and pushes PTT*

Not the sanes person you say *he laughs a bit and cracks the beer takes a swing* you dont even know. About Louie a good guy you say thats the guy who nearly killed me a few weeks ago and emily shes ok for now i think but they have to be carefull.

*he lights a cigarette and takes a big inhale*

lets say a few people have some buissness with them and I myself would like to talk to her I dont even think she knows that im still alive.

*tex walks into the bar and starts talking* hey man we have some stuff to do grab some ammo and lets go *Alex nods and continues*

If I meet her again I will tell you guys whats up *he mumbles if shes still alive with this idiot by her side* ok so I have stuff to do I hope to see you guys soon

*Alex grabs his m4 and leaves the bar with tex*

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*Emily looks over to a sleeping Louie, thinking of the time they spend together, away from all the problems for a while. Sitting at the desk she looks over to her radio, remembering the voice that went through it when she was on a little vacation.*

“Rose, long time no speak. I heard your broadcast not too long ago. It’s good to hear from you guys again. The last thing I remember was us running away, like usual.”

*Thinking back at how weak she used to be, by just running away, she bolds her hands into fists. Knowing she would not run anymore, not now she has done things she never knew she would.*

“I hope you guys are doing well, I guess in the time you were away lots of things happened. It would be nice to actually talk again, I don’t know when, but we should meet up somewhere. I guess both our lives have changed, I’m even married now.”

*Glancing over to Louie once more she smiles.*

“Anyhow, things changed, I did as well. Let’s go and meet up someday, talk and…”

*She pauses, thinking back at the time where she got told a big secret from Alex.*

“Oh man, you don’t even know what would have happened if everything didn’t fall apart. Maybe it was good you guys disappeared, I’ll tell you in person though. Don’t want to cause any trouble over a radio call.”

*She sighs.*

“So yeah, there is a lot I want to say, but it’s better to rest for me now. I’m glad you guys are safe.”

*Her finger slips of the transmit button. Placing the radio back on the corner of the desk and looking out of the window into the night.*

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