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Um.. The rules passphrase

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So I know the rules of dayzrp cuz my friend showed me and told me... I didnt look at the the rules, I know.....

But I know them kos, Community rules,Cheating and exploiting, Combat logging Extra 

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You're gonna have to look through the rules to find the passphrase bro. Take your time with it, isnt too tricky ;)

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How can you even try join a community and white list without reading the rules, now that's a meme.

Like said above the passphrase is there you just have to read the text slowly and sometimes out load and you'll know it when you see it. 

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Hi there,

What is Combat Logging Extra?
I am sorry to say, but not looking at our Rules is not knowing them.

In order to play on our servers you need to be whitelisted.
If you are filling in the whitelist application you also need to find the passphrase.
You need to find the passphrase in order to get further with the application.
There will be no exceptions. You can find the passphrase in the Rules section.
Just read the text out loud and you will find it.

Good luck.
You can also join '' The Waiting For Staff Help '' channel on TS if you have any questions.

If you found the answer you were looking for you can press at the green check to pick the best answer.

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Hey there!

Did you find it in the end? Is your question been answered with those answers you got here? :)

When your question is answered it would be really helpful, when you would choose the best answer and hit the check button next to the best answer on the left side. So we can see who still needs help! :)

Greetings, Lyca

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