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Becoming sain again [open]

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*After days off stalking the world without borders seeing their recent defeat Borat went to the forest got some alcohol and drank the night away, after he woke up and having a  horrific hangover borat pushes down the ptt*

"Hello friend?

Its nice to see you again "

*Borat chuckles remembering floor 11 teaching them a lesson*

"I have a song for you..."

(Just imagine rapping)

" Looking at the monsters; they can see you can't sleep
Fighting with my thoughts; all the humans to eat
Pieces of flesh in my teeth; all these
Things that i see won't let me sleep
Please help me;
Find another way to kill the hope
Fuck all the monsters, the bugs and the fear

(whispers are in brackets)

" I used to see you fuck in the shade of the trees
From the lights in the leaves to the bites on your knees
(Kill the world without borders)

Might get a sight of the breeze, you're not psychic your free
I'm the architect bitch
(Kill the world without borders)
Couldn't pull your life from the sea
While you're striking I'm free
But Poseidon is me, and inside him is clean
An advisor contrived by the the icicle dream
Couldn't fly with the beams "

" I'm not evil at all, I'm just a good boy
Living in your head making voices, helping you make choices
Speak to the freaks and the preachers
Speak to the middle class, kings and the meekers
Feature the creatures coming out your speakers and speeches
Looking at the homeless in pieces
Make you believe this
Want you to see this
Never seen the world till you see how I see shit

I'm just a zombie with a conscious looking at my options
Living in a world made of monsters and goblins
Dealing with my problems, finding all the questions and answers
Trying to be the best in the zombie conglomerate
Managing my mead flow party all night at the human brain meat show
Trying not to sleep yo, everybody's dead, kill the universe
Next it's the end of the week, lets freak yo! "

*Borat stops and is amazed from the words that came out his mouth but he realises this song may not get his point of view across*

"Basically the point of this is just to meet with you, see if you've changed after floor 11"

*Borat burst out laughing*

"But this is too only meet with Ryan and Ryan must be alone, because I have a present for him after the meeting I can give him the present depending on how it go's, this present could win him the war, or it will lose him the war and go to the horesman"

"I know my last message was fucked up and really I just wanted the robberies/killing of innocent to stop and by gosh karma striked back and you clearly learnt your lesson..."

" So this is what I propose we meet up lets say Machkino tents and have a few drinks and I have a proposition for you of course , this may sound like a trap , it's not the horesman killed the rest of my friends and the other just disappeared."

"I can put the past behind us (has a coughing fit)"

"But if you do not meet me this gift will either be left alone and used at a later stage or maybe ill make a deal with the horesman."

*Borat releases the ptt and thinks about last night.. All he really wants is revenge on the horesman and to at least be friends with Ryan and his group*



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*Ryan hears the broadcast and chuckles to himself, taking the radio and pushing down the PTT*

You've got a present for me? That can win me the war 

And if I don't accept your gonna give the present to the horsemen?

*he chuckles*

Well you know A World Without Borders is always looking for donations, 46.8 my friend

*he releases the PTT*

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*He presses down the PTT*


"You have something that can stop a war?  Man that sure is somethin'."


*He releases the PTT*

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