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Dubrovka Blocc Crips (Media + Group Thread)

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*Disclaimer: This group is temporary, for the Gangs of Chernogorsk event. After the event, this group will cease to exist. This page is going to also serve as our media thread to post the pictures during/after the event, as it cannot be posted in the Lore and Stories section, as this isn't apart of the DayZRP Lore.




Jerome Saar was born in the slums of Dubrovka to a crack whore of a mother, and an abusive father who pimped out his mother for side cash when he was finished working his construction job. Jerome was familiarized with abuse, from verbal to physical at a young age, and because of his unsavory upbringing, he became angry with the world, and everyone in it. He began using drugs like heroin and marijuana, and eventually stepping up to meth all while bouncing in and out of juvenile for arson, armed robbery and battery offenses. At age 14, while incarcerated in Berezino's Juvenile Correctional Facility, he met Andrey Oleg, his cell mate who was another youth from Dubrovka, and the two formed a near unbreakable bond while incarcerated. In order to protect themselves, they formed,"  Dub Blocc Crips," a subsector of the infamous Crips out of admiration and love for the famous American rapper, Snoop Dogg. They identified by mixing green and blue, with green being their main color source.

When they were let out on parole, Jerome left his house and lived on the streets with Andrey, recruiting people locally to join their cause while causing havoc in Dubrovka, either allying themselves with local gangs and drug dealers, or fighting with them until they relocated.


·         Control the city of Dubrovka

·         Expand the gang's influence

·         Ally with gangs of similar mindsets

·         Gain respect on the streets

·         Destroy rival gangs and acquire their territories


·         Provide unique and excellent hostile RolePlay

·         Bring people together to form friendships OOCly



Jerome Saar












Kab Blocc Crips


Not a goddamn soul.


21 Murder Gang


*Recruitment is expected to be moderately strict, as we intend to take this event seriously, and have a fun time RolePlaying it out with the other gangs. PM Hollows with applications. They're due by Saturday, December 17th.

  • IC Name:
  • Character Backstory (Length doesn't matter):
  • Why do you want to join?:
  • Are you a relatively sensitive person, or take offense to darker humor and banter?:
  • Additional Information



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