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Sam Fields

To Ryan and Mack [Private Freq]

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*The PTT is pressed. Cooper speaks through gritted teeth*

"Who's the Asian? Part of that Pesistant Militia or whatever, yeah? You know him? Because he sure likes to poke his nose in."

*Cooper pauses, twiddling a pencil between his fingers. He continues in a lazy tone*

"Sorry- it just annoys me when someone doesn't adhere to the numbers game... there are rules."

"I digress. I do believe that I have found a soft spot to that Cowboy, you know, our spanish amigo... He has a wife, if you didn't know. Touching right? *He puts on a mocking tone* Love in the most hopeless of worlds. Caught a conversation as I was passing through Stary. She was up north last they heard."

*Cooper's voice becomes stone cold, little more than a whisper*

"I wouldn't enjoy it, but if he's causing us this many problems... and we know the chink in his armour... why don't we poke it a little? Ya get what 'am saying?"

*He rocks forward*

"Just food for thought."

*The PTT is released*

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*Ryan sits up against the ruins of a car, waiting for some of the others. He hears Cooper's message and sighs, pushing down the PTT*

The Asian, names Jay Wong... I dont know too much about him other than the fact that he's alright with us, but I get the feeling after the scrap with Victor Cruz yesterday that won't last much longer

*he sighs*

About Cruz, yeah I knew about his wife. Doctor Hope, used to run LIFE

*he speaks in a sarcastic tone*

Mack knows all about her

*he chuckles slightly before returning to the radio in a more serious tone*

But the short answer is no, we... well I, won't be hunting down Hope... not unless she decides to attack us first. I owe her from the group I used to run

I mean its Mack's call... but i'm not going after her

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his vest pocket*

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Mack presses down the PTT.

"That Jay Wong fella? Cunt. Don't like him very much, especially now that he's been flopping his cock around on the radio, giving us a bad name and shit. But, he spared my life more than a couple times when I was back in Mobius and he was back in the Savages or whatever, so there's that. Hasn't directly caused any problems for us yet, but I see that changing in the near future.

And on Vic and Hope, yeah, I'm aware of their relationship. I wish I wasn't, but to be honest I can't be fucked worrying about that anymore. In terms of using her as leverage..? I mean, we could. Don't see why not. Hope is with Victor and Victor is the thorn in our side. However, we might be able to get that thorn removed if we do make peace with the Horsemen. Depends on how this meeting with Mr. Knight goes.

We'll talk it through with the rest of the group, in person.

And fuck off, Ryan."

He releases the PTT and hooks the radio back onto his belt.

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