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2016 Community Awards Information

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1. General guidelines and requirements

As we want the voting to be fair, genuine and to avoid drama and any controversy we are giving clear announcements of what is and isn't allowed and how the voting will be done.

The award categories are created by the staff team, however if you want to see a reward that we haven't announced, let us know in the suggestion forums and if it's good it may be later added to the nominations pool.

  • There will be a global award discussion thread where all discussion regarding the awards should be done. No discussion or other posts should be posted in the nomination threads.
  • In order to vote you need to have been whitelisted as of December 1st.
  • You cannot vote on yourself or a group that you have been a member of in the past.
  • Disbanded groups, banned members, those who received a final warning in 2016 and individuals or groups with similar staff issued infractions are automatically disqualified from nominations.
  • Buying votes, promoting yourself, shaming or flaming other candidates, advertisement etc. will result in instant disqualification and/or ban.
  • Staff reserves the right to remove votes which are suspected of being acquired by illegitimate means.
  • To prevent leaks of the voting progress, only Rolle will have access to results during the entire voting procedure.

The voting system will be integrated into the new website shortly, it's still under development.

2. Award nominations

First phase of the rewards are the nominations. Staff will create a special forum for the nominations. Each award will have a thread created where you can post a nominee. Use the template to nominate a player or group for the award. You cannot "piggyback" off of someone elses nomination and only "+1" it, you have to write your own motivation for the nomination. Any content or comments not following the template will be deleted. Some awards have special requirements or rules - make sure you read about those in the nominating thread before posting your nomination.

The current list of planned awards (awards may be added or removed during the nomination stage based on staff and user feedback):

  • Staff Member of the Year
  • Group of the Year
  • Role player of the Year
  • IC Character of the Year
  • Community Member of the Year
  • Clean Sheet of the Year 
  • Best Thread of the Year
  • Story of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Media of the Year
  • Wooden Spoon Award (aka Fuckup of the Year)


  • Nominations will be held between the 14th and 31st of December.
  • Every nomination must supply a motivation - description why the person is nominated and a proof (thread/post, video etc). There will be template in each thread for your nominee submission. 
  • Only 1 nomination per user, per award is allowed.
  • Once an individual or group reaches 10 nominations in the thread, their name will be added to OP and they will be qualified to be voted on. Further nominations can be posted, but do not change the order or placement of the nominated entries.
  • Only entries with 10 or more nominations will be taken further into the voting stage.

3. Award voting
Voting will begin on January 1st on a special page which is still in development.


  • Voting lasts 1 week, Jan 1 - Jan 16 (midnight)
  • No voting for yourself
  • No voting for your own group - same as the above, you can't vote on groups that you have been a part of in 2016.
  • While I will try my best to create checks in the code that should prevent you from voting on yourself and your group, in case it bugs out or doesn't work correctly and does not prevent you from voting for yourself or your group, be warned that your vote will not be counted and will be removed during final vote count (see point 4).
  • The entries during the voting stage will be in the same order as they were added to the nomination threads.

4. Vote count

After voting finishes on January 16th, the voting will be closed down and Rolle will run some automated scripts that should remove any illegitimate votes mentioned in point 1. These include, but are not limited to:
- Remove votes from banned accounts
- Remove votes from people that do not meet voting requirements (whitelisted as of Dec 1st)
- Remove self-votes and self-group votes
- Remove votes deemed illegitimate by the admin team
- Remove votes for disqualified members

5. Results and awards

After confirming the quality and legitimacy of the votes with the admin team the results will be posted mid January. Titles and rewards will be issued at the same time. All awards except for group of the year come with a MVP rank. For the group of the year award it is only the group leader who receives the MVP rank.

- Final results are final and cannot be disputed.
- In case you or staff find a legitimate error in vote count or voting procedures after the final results have been published, that could change the outcome of the awards, we reserve right to remove all rewards and titles given out, correct the error and republish corrected results.

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