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Whitelist application problems

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My whitelist application was rejected for an invalid reason, here is why.

Your application has been rejected due to the following reasons:
Your character was moved to Russia because of his actions, but you do not explain why he returns back to South Zagoria. Please explain this to us. If in need of any assistance, contact a Staff member.

However. If the person who read my whitelist read it carefully they would have noticed this:

This led to me creating a bond to my fellow brothers which would last forever. After the civil war I was unemployed and my friend was sent to exile in Russia.

The person who read the story mistook my character for my "friends". Thinking that I was the one sent to exile in Russia. I have already tried to contact the teamspeak staff. However that is "out of their reach" because they are only moderators. So that is why I post here.


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Good evening Nower, I would like to quickly assist you in this matter.

If you require any help with your White Listing attempts in the future, please come to the Help Desk even if it's just Mods and above, we're all staff and serving the community is our goal here.

Thank you.

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Well. I went on the teamspeak again. I think this time might not have been a waste. This is the response i got:


<19:08:33> "Axelo": Hello
<19:08:40> "Axelo": Im on another pc so no mic atm
<19:08:42> "Axelo": I came from here
<19:08:43> "Axelo": http://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/79693-whitelist-application-problems/
<19:08:53> "Axelo": cow told me to join the ts (I did earlier)
<19:09:27> "Beni": Has your cooldown been reset?
<19:09:55> "Axelo": Nope. It has not. Cant the mod just accept it? Its not my fault 
<19:10:09> "Beni": No, he can't. You must wait the timer out and re-apply.
<19:10:16> "Axelo": O_o
<19:10:21> "Axelo": 8 hours
<19:10:22> "Beni": Yeah, sorry man.
<19:10:35> "Axelo": Anyway that he can reset it? I didnt do anything "wrong" in this matter
<19:11:19> "Beni": No, there is nothing we can do at this point. The Server Admins have failed your application. There isn't anything you can do apart from waiting it out I'm afraid.
<19:11:47> "Axelo": But the server admins made the mistake here not me? I was hoping to hop on the server today. Guess not
<19:12:32> "Beni": I will talk to the admins and see what I can do. If anything changes I'll send you a PM Man.
<19:12:48> "Axelo": Ok. Could you move me to a room that you will remember 


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Hello @Nower

You pretty much have to wait out the timer now man, there isn't anything in our power. If anything changes regarding this issue, you will receive a PM from either myself or another staff member.

Like @Cow said, if you have any other issues when you re-apply don't hesitate to come into the Helpdesk! 

Good luck man. 

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Pay attention to the Teamspeak and explain it to an admin, or contact one through PM.

If they still hold their opinon you will have to wait.

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I can see the possible confusion that could be made, but I do still see lore issues in your backstory that should be addressed. You are welcome to have one of our staff members review your story for you if you'd like.

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Hey there!

Since Oliv and the others answered your question and gave you advice, is the question answered for you? You can always come to helpdesk when you still want help or have questions with your background story. :)

When the your question is answered, it would be really helpful, when you would choose the best answer and hit the check button so we can see who still needs help with his or her question.

Greetings, Lyca

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