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Sylvester Todd

Head full of bees

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*More footsteps, stomping through the woods, equipment and objects jostling around

*mumbling is more coherent this time, but like the others its still muffled as if the radio is covered*

Last night was a mess, but my heads cleared up a bit

Less fuzzy

Less muddy

Its not sinking in molasses 

My thoughts are a little more in order today, I've had a lot of time to think... Get it all or whatever I can piece together in order

Trying to think of why everything fell apart, for one I lost my motivation, it comes and goes so that can't be helped, but the others, I dunno...

The biggest change was when I told whats his fuck to abort the kid,

knowing them and myself they probably figured I was gonna tie some butter knives to my wrist and abort the kid that way

What are they fuckin' savages

All the arguing about whether he should keep the kid or not,

they seemed to think he could be a full time dad and still roll around with us all the time

Just to leave his lady alone all day with the kid


Don't work that way

No it doesn't

Doing it again...

Point being you gotta choose,

Can't sit on the fence

Raising a kid is tough work, time consuming, and in these times you gotta be there whenever you can

That being all the time

I would have made him choose

Ditch the lady and stay with us,

leave us and raise the kid,

convince her to abort it and keep rolling with us and stay with his lady

Simple enough

Wonder if they remember whats her fuck offering to find drugs to abort the kid..

I don't see why they might've thought I'd do it myself, sure We-

I have done some shit to my own people but only when they fuck off and back stab me

Stupid, so thats gotta me a major one, their change of attitude

And then there was the fact that SHE began to distance herself from me and follow whats his name around, still regret drinking that night

the drinking too at the time might've been part of it, helped kill stress though

Whole thing was stressful, everyone had their own ideas, constant yelling and arguing

No one god damn listened 

and they wondered why I was so pissed all the time

What the fuck are we-I gonna do when I get back home

Too much to do

Just gotta take things one step at a time

No need to plan just keep doing what we-I mean I've always done

Just improvise

It always works out for us in the end

Sure does

I really ought to get that piece of shit fixed, never fuckin' works when I broadcast...

*The mumbling begins to get more muffled and less understandable, most of whats being said being replaced with static and noise*

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