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Settlement threads

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Seeing as we've gotten multiple settlement threads up now, I've got a question regarding §14.2, which states:

  • A settlement needs to have a public forum dedicated to it within the group page.

My question has to do with the fact that, so far, the threads have been posted in the Standalone Discussion subforum. So I guess this question is more for the admins or Rolle, as is this the correct place for these threads, or are they supposed to be located within the faction ("group") public forum? With them in their present place (which doesn't appear to be in line with the rules), are these settlements effectively null and void presently? I guess rule clarification would be great more than anything.

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Yes, the settlement pages do need to be placed within the group page's subforums. 

Unfortunately due to the current limitations of this forum, we can't move it there ourselves so people will have to copy and paste into their group subforums. Those who have posted theirs in discussion will have it closed.

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