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Serenity [Open Frequency]

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*Jacket would be sitting on a log all by himself at his desolated camp, messing with the radio once again, He decides switching to a random frequency, A few moments before he starts speaking into the radio he looks around and letting out a depressed sigh, His voice would be rather dry and bidder*



Greetings people...


It would seem and sound that our world currently is filled with wars and rough dirty shit...

Back stabs... Murders... Revenges...


*He clears his dry throat, pausing for a moment before he continues speaking*


I wonder, what human beings like us are doing during their peaceful hours?


*He releases a short dry chuckle before continuing*


We don't fight, murder, rob and kill every moment of our existence do we?



Would be nice to hear something interesting and different rather than revenges and shit talking all the time over the radio no matter where you are, We are people after all... that fight for survival.


We used to be real civilized human beings back then, worrying for the survival of the other, Long time ago... but still,

Families, Lovers, Friends.

These were the good times...

I miss that, heh...

All that... It's... different now.


*Jacket remains silent for a few moments, static could be heard for about five second before he starts speaking again*


So, What are you up to people?



*Jacket fiddles with the radio, a few moments before he lets go of the PTT button, He says in a softer tone ''Hard to maintain a guitar in such wasteland like ours nowadays hehe..." .


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*The radio crackles for a moment before Ivan's distinct, rapsy voice speaks up over the airwaves. It's soft, quiet, a layer of static making it sound slightly distorted.*

"There are a lot of people out there hearing you, trying to come up with a clever retort that won't sully the image of the hard men they're pretending to be. I mean... thats all we do anymore right? Pretend to be something we're not? Something.... someone we never imagined ourselves being?

And now people are so caught up painting their own portraits that they forget to look in a mirror and remember what they really are.

Me I'm.... heh, it may sound boring, but I found a pack of cards in a drawer. Just been trying to make a tower out of em, you know? Never was that good at stacking cards. More difficult now with only one eye, co-ordination is all off.

But the next person that comes through this house will see it. Maybe they'll sit down for a moment at have a go themselves, try n' make it taller. Maybe they'll just knock it over and move on. Or maybe they'll just leave it as it is, and it'll wait for the next person to come along."

*There is a long pause. His next words are a bit harder.*

"There are a lot of people out there hearing you. Hearing.... but I doubt many are listening.

Let me know if you ever stumble across a house of cards within red and green house."

*The radio clicks silent.*

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"Some people understand. It can be lonely, and trying. The problem is at the same time, you never know who really wants to be kind, who wants to use you, hurt you or kill you. It's sad watching what people in this world have become. Makes some of us push harder, but does not make it any easier. I read, sleep, scavenge, talk with people. Scavenging keeps me and others alive, makes you put your focus on other things, while keeping your instincts sharp. Find who you can to trust, if anyone. Do things to keep your mind intact, things that force you to think. Listen to the radio, takes notes, learn who probably are not good to say hi or where to go in some cases. Just find a way to hang on somehow."

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*delighted to hear new news on deradio kirov would reply in an exited tone*

"O yes hello i de Kirov number one radio broadcaster superstar would like to inform you that. well i am a man who has found his calling and that is linking together the peoples of de world with moral boosting broadcast if you ever wander into me one day i will gladly take your message to de world"

*clicks off the PTT*

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*Jacket remains on the same frequency during the time being, yet not responding right away and taking his time for some reason, He would sound muffled by something on his face as he presses the PTT button*


21 hours ago, Jack the Ripper said:


I turn to those who listen, I speak for those who pass through it and understand and see the truth,

Those who would like to speak up for themselves and feel manly for a few moments...

Sure, make your day better.


*Jacket pauses for a few moments before continuing*


Interestingly enough... your activity Is quite interesting and a favorite thing of mine to do when I was much younger.

I would be grateful if I will ever stumble upon the tower of yours, maybe one day...



20 hours ago, RogueSolace said:



*Jacket clears his throat before he begins speaking once again*


You survive Miss,

Wisely done... Keeping the spirit up and the path of yours onto the future,

I think it was you... that my friend spoke about, with the survival motivation and all.


We all stumble upon these worries of mistrust or rather.. just insecurity around our wasteland,

But hey, We all find our ways to some how ascend in life and you got it in your way,



I recently managed to learn a Chernarussian song on my guitar... Until the shitty strings snapped apar--.


*Jacket would go silent for a few moments after five seconds of disturbance over his radio, causing his sentence to cut for a minute or so before he begins speaking again, yet still muffled sounding*


5 hours ago, Kirov Mironovich said:


The radio station or rather show, of yours... sure is original for the times like ours,

Tuning to it sometimes here and there...

It's refreshing.


*Jacket pauses once again for a few moments, letting out a hearable sigh as he starts speaking once again*


All that, is just over the radio,

Wonder if such people are around too?


*The transmission ends as Jacket lets go of the PTT button, releasing a chuckle therefore*


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