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Character Backstory

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Name: Helen Myers

Age: 27

Language: russian, english(with accent)

Occupation before Event: engineer at Chernogorsk Power plant.

Post-Event skills: basic nurse education.

Personality: self-centered, cowardly.

Like: comfort, stability, safety.

Dislike: violence, weapons, zeds.

Weapons of choice: brain, legs.

Helen always thought of herself as of smart person, one who in control of her life. Best grades, good job, respect from coworkers, her own flat at age of 24, bright future and ambitious plans. No one cares about that now, now only thing that matter is how good person in doing violence, kill or be killed and Helen was more of "be killed" type.

Born and raised in Chernogorsk, she would end like most of regular town-habitants if not for her friends and in-born paranoia. At moment panic spread enough for riots she with friends were already on road to north from hometown with so much supply as they could gather.

After few weeks they were intercepted by Garrison, armed unit from locals who control that region after governance and army failed. You could call them bandits, or saviors, depending on who's asking, but guy who tried to insist on moving on with his part of supply was beat to pulp.

Garrison gave food enough to not starve, protection from zeds and other "saviors", there were even some form of express classes, where Helen with few others were thought basics of medicine to help Garrison doctors. But Helen understood that most refugees were mere resources for Garrison, captives in one step from becoming slaves.

As time passed unit was quickly deteriorating further and further, food supply from raid squads shortens, Garrison guard started to oppress "civilians" loosing remains of civilization.

Helen with one former coworker and two farmers decided to escape, despite dangers of outer world. There was a boat at camp, but engine damaged seriously enough to be fixed without some specific parts, thats pretty rare in new world. Fate smiled on Helen's group when after one seemingly unsuccessful raid one of searchers agreed to barter strange device for three bags of potato chips.

At cover of night Helen's group gathered food, tank of fuel hidden before just for that moment and departed on half-fixed boat further from Garrison.

Maybe that escape wasn't smartest thing to do, maybe they had better chances for survival with Garrison, maybe they could change something at camp, help other refugee, but they were afraid and there is always hope for miracle, for that this nightmare would end, that they'll be rescued and everything would be good again.

But miracle did not happened. Helen doesn't remember all details clearly, but there was a storm and she was flushed off board.

She woke up on shore, astonished in surprise that she knows surrounding places, it was not so far from her hometown. There was no sign of boat or other humans.

So in her journey she came back to start, hungry, alone, defenseless, but nonetheless just as much willing to survive.


That going for app, would appreciate feedback and interesting advices for role.

pss: z=z, 0=o, m=m, 2=bi, h14=e.

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Guest Infamous

// Very well written. Cannot wait to meet one without a weapon, but one with a common sense!

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Tethered note book


//-----FIRST PAGE----//

If you saw young woman, about 167 sm tall, 50 kg, with small birthmark on her left hand middle finger, who's look like this


That's me - Helen Myers, born in Chernogorsk, engineer profiling on electrical engines. Father - Rickard Myers, mother - Ekaterina Myers(Svetlova).

If iam unconscious or wounded and i cant reply - please help me, i will repay you.

My blood type is A.

I have allergy on peanuts.

No allergy on any medicine.

If iam infected please don't let me turn into these creatures, finish me, but only you sure its inevitable.

If iam dead - burn my corpse.

Если вы видели девушку примерно 167 сантиметров, около 50 кг, с родинкой на среднем пальце левой руки, и выглядит она примерно как на рисунке выше, то это я - Хэлен Майерс, выжившая житель города Черногорск. Отец - Ричард Майерс, мать - Екатерина Майерс, если вы знаете что-нибудь о них, сообщите мне пожалуйста.

Если я без сознания или ранена, пожалуйста помогите, я отплачу.

У меня первая группа крови.

Аллергия на арахис.

На лекарства аллергий нет.

Если я заражена и неизбежно превращусь в зомби - добейте меня и сожгите труп.

//-----FIRST PAGE----//

Я снова одна и мне нужно выговориться, оставить хоть какой-то след на случай если...

Помню кто-то говорил, что дневник помогает собраться с мыслями, думаю мне это необходимо.

Т.к. все встреченные мной живые люди пока оказались англоязычными, я буду вести записи на английском, так больше шансов, что оно кому-нибудь пригодиться, да и мне нужно вспомнить язык.


They all dead, all whom i knew are dead, Chernogorsk is zed-infested nest now. At night there is only bleak, lifeless contours of buildings with black pits of doorways and windows.

Zeds almost had me after first 5 minutes in town, i managed to get away through barely remembered back-alleys and pillaged stores.

I heard some loud bangs in these few hours when i crawled through town, hoping to find anyone alive. Maybe it ware gunshots or just something fell, i cant tell for sure. I found pretty good binoculars in one flat, not that there was any use for it at night.

At some point i saw light from one building, i thought that i finally found survivors, but it was just glowing coca-cola selling machine. It looked like bright painted faces were mocking me, i almost threw a rock at it in frustration, but nearby zeds roar made me drop and crawl away like a worm from bird.

When i heard car engine roar i thought it was hallucination from weakness, but then bright cones of car flares cut through the night and blinded me for seconds. I haven't seen working car in months, car mean fuel, mechanics, civilization. I froze, overflowed with hope and joy, that quickly changed by panic as car moved away, leaving me alone again.

I ran as fast as i could after car, for a moment forgetting about zeds. When i ran into someone and fell on ground, knocking opponent down as well i was thinking "so dumb and awkward death". But then one who i fell on pushed me away with scared yell. Unbelievable, but in darkness of night i run into another alive human of all flesh-crazy monster in town.

Few seconds we looked at each other in shocking silence as if asking "Where the hell you came from?!?!?". And moments later we were running together along road. Why running? Because all those zeds, lured by car sounds, now chasing us.

After few falls in mud, hurting legs and my heavy breath that i couldn't tell from zeds growling we stopped to rest and talk.



From his story comes that his name is John, he's from Swedish military forces and thats he survived helicopter crash and was robbed by local bandits. Yeah, sure, lone military with two-barrel shotgun, without radio, maps or even any plan, he even shot by accident on run. But its not for me to judge, he have his reasons to lie, he looked as scared as me and in his voice i heard caring, so i made look that i believe him. Maybe he's even telling a truth.

I ll never find out if he was honest, he's dead now, eaten by zeds. Now that's telling something about my chances here if first person i've met haven't lived till dawn.

I guess i should write some details, if any would want to know how John died, too bad i didn't ask his last name.

Earlier we met another survivor, military too but from somewhere else, named John too and he fell from skies too, but instead of helicopter - plane crash. Damn, they even looked alike, though new John had that loud russian auto rifle, AK-something.


(John №2)

So we saw flashes ahead and distant engine roar, i stayed and both Johns went to check out. Only one returned. There was zed's ambush, just like they could think and plan, John didn't had a chance. Too bad he's borrowed my binoculars before, but i'm not that crazy to try salvage something from zeds fest.

At dawn we came across one more traveler. Valdo, pretty strange name, he had same AK type gun like John. Newcomer was telling something about being foreign tourist, trapped here when outbreak happened. Yeah, yeah, sure, just tourist... he could tell one gun from another by sound, but again, who knows what he's been through all this time.



John and Valdo decided to raid town, that i've just left, while its still early morning. I told them that town full of zeds like rotten apple with worms, but 1 vote vs 2 and more i guess voting right comes along with gun, so we went for raid.

It was crazy feverish raid with us running through buildings, grabbing all that looked like food, drinks or ammo. Where the hell so much ammo in usual flats and stores? Was it dropped airborne all over town? By the way we met another scavenger - young guy with long dark hairs, former hunter who's lost his elder brother. He decided to join us and we agreed. I think his name was Jim.

Group made me to take a rifle called enfielda or something like that, it looked like some sort of old rifle from world war times. As if i knew how to use it anyway.

I asked guys to teach me how to shoot. Valdo said that its easy, "just aim through iron sights and pull trigger". Yeah, i did it, rifle clicked. My guess it was about ammo and i had no idea how or where to insert bullets, but zeds didn't gave us time, charging unexpectedly. Thats when we lost John, he turned his back just for a second and zeds had him.

Despite that guys decided to continue raid, i was scared to death, John's screams still running in my ears. After numerous zed attacks i got separated from group and lost.

Now i hide in some sport store and write it things down in this note book i found here. I feel stupid with that rifle, that i could use only as club, through a decent one. I'm too scared to experiment with it, accident shot could lure zeds to my current hideout and thing that i got from this day - ones who shoot a lot ended up eaten.

I ll barricade door, eat some sardines and try to sleep.

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